Town Folk hobbies

The Devs have said once or twice that when Idling the villagers would find a way to occupy themselves by playing with a toy or something along those lines.

Speculation time:
Does this mean that Mer Burlyhands who has just finished building Fort Rybilton will stand back with his fellow works and…well the conversation would be like this I’m assuming

Mer: Ahhhh the beauty of it…
Worker 1: I’ll say Great Job lads
Worker 2: Yep

awkward cricket chirp

Worker 1: well I hear that a house needs to be built on the south side of town
Worker 2: yeah and I got some logs to chop what about you mer?

Mer burly hands sits on the floor playing with a small wooden horse


The point is what are the lil residents going to do? maybe fishing unless that becomes an actual profession I’d like to say hunting but I don’t know


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