Terrain needs work. (one complaint, and multipul suggestions)

the flat colors of the terrain while looks good from a range makes it hard to see detail. I have found myself swapping the the harvest mode just to see the squares.

just a minor suggestion but put a faint outline on the block connections on terrain. something that allows for depth to be seen easier. cause if you can aim the camera at a mine shaft and not see distance something is wrong.

Other terrain suggestions.

deep forest suggestions.

info: small interlinking bushes, have three versions, standard, flowered, and thorny. each version has their own challenges. all can be either harvested or mined. harvested cuts them down and allows you to move them. while mining destroys. mining gives 2x resources if not harvested first.

standard underbrush
effect: slows down anything that enters, when harvested gives one wood and one brush bundle (can can substitute wood for some crafts like in blacksmith work, worth 2 gold in trade)

flowered underbrush
effect: slows anything that enters, when harvested gives one wood and 2 healing herbs.

thorny underbrush
effect: damages anything that enters, good for defense when harvested gives one wood and one poisoned thorns.

poisoned thorns
info: crafting part used to make poison cure(used to cure wounds caused by the thorny underbrush), or weapon poison which archers and footmen will use to coat there weapons giving them DoT, both craft uses are made by the herbalist, and weapon poisons only last for 10 attacks on melee and 1 attack on ranged (though ranged has 4x DoT)

great tree
info: a large oak tree with a hollow center, rumor is that a great race once lived in it. now it is abandoned.
terrain effect: a large tree that appears from time to time like the statues, these trees are huge generally 5-6 stories tall and rarely may have a door and treasure inside. when cut down they give a large amount of wood. though be warned cutting down a great tree is sure to anger the forest, summoning large amounts of Ents to attack your town for a week strait. (gives 200+ wood though)

carnivorous plant
info: large fly trap like plants, while not harmful to your hearthlings they do snap at pretty much anything including your hearthlings. causing panic among any with low spirit. can be harvested for healing herbsx5. be warned they have been known to eat squirrels.
terrain effect: found growing exclusively on the grass near the mountain bases. these plants are mostly just for looks though it may be best to cut them down as you don’t want that, one spirit hearthling running into a wolf cause a plant snapped at him.

info: grows near water, when harvested gives material needed for crafting thread just a reskin of the current plants.

info: a unique plant that grows in one block deep water, can be used by a cook to make rice bread and rice balls. which are good foods by themselves.

weeping vines
info: a vine like plant that generates after some time at the base of stone and clay buildings, this plant will try and grow up the building. normally this has little to no effect but the vines can be climbed like ladders so a vine growing up your walls may lead to that kobold army climbing your wall instead of pounding at the door.

bind weed
info: a small white flower, nothing to worry about. wrong this plant grows at random 2 weeks after you have started your town. and if it hits a farm plot well it will quickly kill most the plants in that plot. farmers can remove it but it takes time this is a hazard and one you must watch out for and think about when farming. do you leave your farm open? or do you put a wood path around it to keep it safe.

sorry for the idea spam, I know this game is early access but I think working on the terrain generation is important. though I know that looks are un-important at this stage.


I haven’t done mining in a while, but I remember some of the shafts I dug into mountains being almost impossible to tell apart from the cliff if the shadows were in just the right place. I’m not sure about an outline, but I really hope that at least when they next improve the lighting that they do something about cliffs and tunnels.

Bushes and brush could make forests look so much nicer :heart_eyes: Vines and reeds sound cool too, and I like the small effect vines could have on gameplay. I always try to farm in water anyway, so I’d love to have rice.

I’m not entirely sure some of the rest will fit into Stonehearth, but they’re all really cool ideas.