Dirt/grass cube and more

Hi all,

My first town is almost finished. You can see it here.
After hours spent on it, I have some suggestions.

  • The most important : dirt and grass cubes. Many times i wanted to improve the relief, or to spackle the gobelin camps. I put fields on them as you can see. But it would be great to have green cubes.

  • Dangerous wild animals, like bear or wolfes.

  • Big bosses like dragons :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I don’t understand why there are so many dirt lands on the random maps.

  • To place items like food, sword, candel … on furnitures.

  • More decorative items crafted by all the classes. And maybe a suckling pig or a roast chiken craft by the cook ? It would be great on a banquet table :grin:

@team Radiant : keep the good work !


The Titans are going to be like bosses c:

This has been requested.

I agree, wolves could come in the near future since their already implemented.

Coming soon.

It’s supposed to be muddy/trampled terrain. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good idea, though that might be a bit too complicated.

That’s always being worked on in streams and such. :wink:


@FerretBandit @Momodoom17 : Thank you for those comments :wink:

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