Land generation suggestions

for the future here are some suggestions for plant and terrain generation.note suggestions here are random and some are refinements of ideas I have posted elsewhere.

some original ideas here Terrain needs work. (one complaint, and multipul suggestions)

this topic has three sections forest generation, desert generation, and crafts. most of them crafts will be bellow info.

forest generation


apple tree
info: when harvested hearthlings will pick apples from it, if harvested while it doesn’t have apples will be cut down for apple wood, which can be used by a cook with jerky to make apple wood smoke meat.
apple wood jerky: counts as a cooked food, heavily favored by meat eaters.
apples: can be eaten raw with out the my food was raw down side, and can be cooked into apple pies.

heart tree
info: a large 4-5 story tall tree, that generates at max 3 on the map. these trees are considered the heart of a forest and can not be cut down by your hearthlings, on top of that trees will randomly grow around them and they are the source of the entlings you fight.

that all said, you can actuall come to peace with the forest by leaving offerings at its base of fruits and vegetables. which may result in a large wood ent dropping off well wood at your village. please the trees and make an ally of the forest but be warned the more trees you cut down the more ents will attack you.

the heart tree while it can not be cut down, can be “killed” by your soldiers stopping the ent attacks doing so gives 10 petrified wood, which can be used to make a moderate damage high value battle ax.

willow and spooky willow
info: willows grow along the water and have their leaves over the water, they are pretty much just a tree variant.

spooky willow on the other hand tend to be lone trees in the middle of clearings be warned that if you harvest from it you will be in for a fight against several skeletons armed with bows, upon clearing it though a ghost of a hearthling will spawn and run to a random treasure chest if/when you loot that you will get a unique loot item.

strong text


info: like in the topic linked above underbrush are small half block high plants that can be either mined or harvested. in this post I have 4 ideas

looks: small vine covered bush.
effect: slows down by 10%
harvest: 1 fiber regrows in 4 days
mine: 4 fiber destroys plant

looks: taller then a hearling generally surounded by type 1 or type 3, can not be moved through.
effects: just a tall bush
harvest: 4 fiber, turns into type 1 or 3 depending on type around.
mine: destroys gives 8 fiber.

looks: a flowery version of type 1, with several purple flowers on it. when harvested gives quality healing herbs which would be used late game to make special healing items.
effect: 12% slow down
harvest: 1 quality healing herb, grows back in 8 days.
mine: destroys gives 2 quality healing herbs.

looks: a rose bush nothing else to say, can be anywhere from 1/2 block high to 5 if against a cliff or building.
effect: slows 10% +5 damage upon contact.
harvest: gives roses which sell for a good amount of gold (2) regrows in 4 days. and rose thorns which can be used for archer weapons.
mine: destroys, gives nothing.

info: grow along water lines, cna be harvested for fibers and healing herbs (one of each). other then that just a standard plant.

bind weed
info: a deep rooted plague to all farmers, this plant is a hazard. as it has a chance to grow in fallow crops that are left for to long, and even worse has a chance to grow in living crops. this plant “kills” all none bindweed or flower plants around it. and takes a while for your farmers to remove. having some of these appear in something like your corn field can be a disaster if you don’t have a farmer that can take care of it quickly (over extended your farmers)

Weeping vines
a parasitic vine like plant that grows up the side of trees and stone walls. while to the player they can be decorative remember to watch for it on your battlments as they can and do act as ladders.
note: main purpose is to give access points between levels with out the player having to build ladders.


water barrel tree
info: a large tree with a hollow center (no RL example) that grew to collect and store water from the sparce rains. these trees act similar to the apple trees with harvesting collecting their sappy water (think of it like honey), as well as cutting them down (harvest when doesn’t have water), giving a special wood.

sweet and tart sauce (cooking ingredient made with barrel sap and golden gourds)
sweet and tart poyo: a high quality food that requires the sauce above and poyo meat.

barrel wood barrels: storage item a naturally made/modified barrel that can hold 64 items.

stalked weeds
info: a small grass like flowering plant with a large central stock. these plants are well known for their medical properties (Based on aloe) and can be diced up for a good healing drink.
harvest: green healing herbs

crafts: healthy drink (crafted by both herbalist, and cook[herbalist 1, cook 4) doesn’t count as a food item but hearthlings who have taken less then X damage will drink this instead of looking for healing.


small wild planter
info: a 1x1 square of dirt in a decorative planter, small wild plants like flowers and bushes can be placed in this for decoration farmers will also harvest plants placed in these automaticly.

wood: 2 wood, one dirt (would require dirt as a place item)
clay: one fired clay, one dirt.

Medium wild planter
info: a 2x2 square of dirt in a decorative planter, medium wild plants can be placed in this. has the same function as small ones, costs are just increased by one on both required items.

Tree planter
info: a 4x4 square of dirt in a decorative planter, designed for small trees to be planted with in. trees planted in this will not grow larger.

slapped on at the end with out thought

burrowing owls
location: desert
info: small little birds that run down their prey they also make great pets that are easy to clean up after.tend to make their nests under cacti. may attack your farm animals especially rabbits so fence them in.

barn owls
location: forest
info: makes their nests in trees hoots at nights,tend to make their nests in the stone statues. may attack your farm animals especially rabbits, so fence them in.

location: forest and desert(diferent types of deer)
info: large creatures that will run before they fight. you can tell an archer to hunt them which will give deer meat and jerky. trappers may tame and they can be used as mounts.

venison stake: a good quality food made by cooks, requires deer meat, carrots, and flower.
deer hide cloak: trapper gear, makes them more effective at their jobs and increases their traps effectiveness.
deer horn bow: an upgrade on the bow deals 60 damage and adds 5 range.

note: in forest only male deer have antlers, while the desert type both male and female have them. (aka deer horn bow is easier to craft in deserts)

Ground snake
location: forest (green), desert (light brown)
info: a small passive creature that can be trapped. when harvested gives two snake leather which can be used for a variant of leather armor called snake leather armor this is brown or green depending on location and worth 2x as much as standard leather armor but gives the same protection ( a sell item)

location: desert
info: a small hostile snake that can and will attack your hearthlings if they get to close, trappers can easily deal with them and your shepherds had better watch out for them (they go after poyos). can be tamed by trappers.

tamed note: only eats meat, can be taken as a pet by anyone, archers will use their venom to give their arrows a poison touch, but they are harder to tame and rarer to be tamed. (you may rarely get an offer for one from a trader)

loction: forest
info: the forest version of the viper, only instead of poison you have a massive snake that’s bite just crushes things. these things are large though they also make grate pets, just be warned they target sheep instead of poyo’s when they are wild.

tamed note: as it doesn’t have venom these snakes just do heavy bite damage to anythring they attack. so no ranged bonus damage to archers but in the melee they make great pets for your gaurds who may even carry them around.

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