Collection of Suggestions

Please note before you read this, I have only had time to quickly write this up. If it is noted on another page, I apologize.

My suggestions are:

  1. Perhaps being able to collect water from natural water sources in clay pots would be a good way of giving Hearthlings a small boost of energy. Could potentially be useful for worker Hearthlings? Plus it gives more of a reason to use the Potter job when not playing in the preferred game world type.

  2. Choosing which farm plot to harvest when it is ready. I have a town of 31 Hearthlings which obviously needs a bit of food. I have also laid out an Oak Tree plot which has fully grown and has been waiting 3 in game days before Hearthlings decide to harvest it.

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yeah I am hoping water will be required for farming in the future. and also priority planting and harvesting

Aside from the energy potion that the herbalist can craft?

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Absolutely, potions and water, why not? Plus, they can be transported together utilizing the backpack feature. What’s more why not use water to enhance potions or in particular give some crops some enhancements through the use of a watering can?

Here’s my suggestion so far;

  1. Community/job routine scheduling - allow the management of work schedules as well as independent exceptions to the rule. For example Job: Mining/Mon-Fri 7am-3pm. Individual: Mining/Follow schedule or set alternate routine
  2. A way for footman to practice combat and level up
  3. Hearthling relationships - passive relationship system influencing happiness and buffs
  4. Hearthling age and lineage - Hearthlings get old and die as well as repopulate, to repopulate hearthlings must share a house between 2 only.
  5. Calendar system events - Add some life into the game by setting up certain events to happen thought the year festivals, droughts, mystical occurrences and community competitions.

Also, farming feels arbitrary. How much will my plot generate? and in how much time?

ageing and generation switches probably wont become a thing in this game

they said they dont want to become an rts… and ill take that they probably dont want to become a “banished” too XD

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