Suicidal Fighters

Summary: Fighter at extremely low health charges off to defeat distant group of enemies after one of them attacked our town.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Train a fighter, use him until he’s on low health (last sliver of heart remaining).
  2. Wait until a group of e.g. wolves spawns nearby.
  3. Wait until one of those wolves attacks your settlement.

Expected Results: The fighter dispatches the wolf that’s threatening the settlement and goes to heal back home.

Actual Results: The figher kills the wolf, but he is not yet done. The fighter’s gods urge him to carry out his mission to the bitter end. The fighter ignores his moribundity and attempts to take down the wolf pack deep in the forest. He dies miserably.

Version Number and Mods in use: release-559 x64.

System Information: Windows 8.1, nVidia 970m, 16gb DDR4, Intel Core i7.

Note: this happened with goblins, too.

This is a known issue that the developers are aware of. Hopefully they will have a solution for it soon as several suggestion have already been posted about it.

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Thanks. @8BitCrab, would you mind merging?

Might be related to How to stop attacking? too.