Suggest your Tip of the Day!

Hi guys. I’m on stream now adding a “tip of the day” feature. Basically this is a message that will pop up in the loading screen, for example: “Your settlers will get a better night sleep if you provide beds for them.”,

If you have a suggested tip, please add it to this thread. I’ll compile all the tips into our big list o’ tips to add to the game.


note to @Tom@jonzoid noticed an error in the tipoftheday logic:

I thought something looked fishy about this during the stream. Is there a category for future bugs? :wink:

random will never be 0. That means the first tip in your array will never display.

Try it:

Gives 1, 2, 3 as possible values (what your code is doing)
Math.ceil(Math.random() * (['a','b','c','d'].length - 1));

Gives 0, 1, 2, 3 as possible values (use floor and remove the -1)
Math.floor(Math.random() * (['a','b','c','d'].length));

Merry Christmas, @Tom!


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Remember, you can strategically place roads to increase the walking speed of your workers!
Using the different view modes makes mining easier!
TIP: you can make winter coats if your workers get cold!

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I suggested ‘Use larger fields for slower growing crops to keep your farmers from being overworked’ But I guess that might be too complicated. Maybe if it was reversed

‘Use smaller fields for quicker growing crops to keep your farmers from being overworked’


Goblins will cause your citizens to run in fear! Remain on your guard!

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If you build it, they will come! The more you build your city, the more hearthlings It will attract!


Who are we without purpose? Make sure with increasing careers you have the best suited workers for the job!

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  • Berries night and day? Vary your food options for happier citizens!

  • Suit up your workers and dress up your homes. The weaver’s workshop will really spin things around!

  • Trekking for that much needed item? Sort your stockpiles to keep useful stuff where needed!

  • Running out of materials? Top up your stock whenever it dwindles with the ‘Maintain’ command.

I feel like this guy having written these:



‘Don’t forget the ledger, the happier your people the more that will come to stay!’

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“Keep an eye out for natural resources when settling in a new area! Wild plants and animals can help sustain a colony in a pinch.”


“Just like you, your citizens need some place to eat and sleep.”


“Wombats are awesome”


“Do not aggravate the sheep”


Be aware of minimum and maximum sizes for stockpiles, farm fields, trapping grounds and pastures.

Sorry, at first I didn’t notice the new minimum size for the trapping area because its color was also red. But it shouldn’t be necessary to change the colors so a tip similar to this one might be good.


A saw is for life, not just for Christmas…

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  • [In case there will ever be anything like a tax] Tax the raccoon farms.
  • There is no cow map. There aren’t even cows.
  • Heavy caution is advised when digging through the bottom of the map; injuries may occur.
  • Your hearthlings can eat and sit on a chair at the same time.
  • Remember to take all things in moderation (even Stonehearth)!
  • Before you hit the ceiling, be glad to have one.

TIP: The burly-er a citizens hands are, the happier they will be.

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Start ontop of a small hill and goblins will have a harder time getting to you!

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Cow level :wink: .

“Don’t promote all your workers at once!”