Day2 of Dewmoon, 27 hearthlings, still going strong

A12 dev 2620 success! I have a village still going fairly strong with 27 villagers so far (about to be 28). There are a few things starting to happen like workers forgetting to work or crafters needing a “gentle reminder” that they should craft and not build…but for the most part it’s a huge success! I’m doing what I can to bung it up right proper for the devs with an over abundance of hearthlings, herds and tree farms though so once I reach the limit I’ll send the save.

Decided to post a success instead of a bug, for once…shake things up a little :wink:


haha that is awesome! I will do the same so far I am only sitting at 11 people

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That’s good, thanks for that tip about pausing and un-pausing.

For some reason my game will be stable when I first reach about 15-16 but then it slowly deteriorates until a few of them perish because they refuse to move and then unfortunately starve to death.

I have about 8GB of Ram and I think 11-13 is the limit for me; I notice when the task bar fills up to the point of causing stoppage in work most of it is being taken by the blue section called “Lua”.


yah I am currently at 15 people. and nothing is getting picked up lol.

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Yeah, I’m starting to think the game has a “tipping point” because once you go over the population your machine can handle things start going wrong even if you go back below the number that was causing problems.

I’m seeing a lot of people recommend that you should save it before adding people each time, and when you start encountering problems to reload it back at a number that wasn’t giving you problems. (unfortunately that also means you can’t really expand, but it’s easier to work with a smaller number that are doing their jobs correctly rather than a larger number that operate in a dysfunctional way).


yah I agree, I have been also doing the pausing and unpausing and that really does help when they are acting up. I also think it gives pathfinder some time to figure out what it is doing lol

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Indeed, hopefully their able to keep optimizing things so that it continues to improve.

I also hope they institute a population cap if this issue continues past Alpha.

i am at 20 people now, and things are going slow lol. I think that is due to having over 600 items being moved from one spot to another spot

Would you mind posting a save, or screenshot? I can’t seem to get above ten or so without problems, so really curious if there is a trick to big numbers.

Currently at Day 5 of Dewmoon, by never letting my population getting higher than 16 or 17 I seem to be able to enjoy a relatively bug free, more or less lag free game. About 20 population seems to be the “tipping point” for me, causing the idle worker bugs and other game-breaking issues.

I am wondering if the game slows down during the night for you too? That seems to happen to me after I get about 10 to 11 hearthlings.

So I thinkI am at 23 now, in Dewmoon 16th. its become laggy, I move the camera around and it freezes up… villagers still arnt picking up stuff off the ground, or if they are, its happening so slowly.

I cant finish makers quests? due to the high idle times, my workers cant finish making projects in time.