At 25 population, day 7 of dewmun

At 25 population, day 7 of dewmun the game becomes unstable? workers start idling after a couple of minutes, the LUA shoots way up and the framerate crawls. I also did extensive mining and have a strong farm and shepherd setup. Also in this playthrough the game’s UI constantly froze.

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I’m kinda surprised you got it up to that many people. This happened to me around the 15-16 population mark, the game starts having difficulty handling all the tasks of the individual villagers and they’ll freeze when there’s too much for it to “think” about.

I’d reload it to a point before you added the most recent villagers and see if that fixes anything. Sometimes lowering the population after the errors start can fix things, but occasionally after it goes over a certain point it can’t quite recover all the way.

Also pause the game and un pause it to give your villagers temporary relief; it will let the game processes catch up for a bit and allow them to do a few more things before it gets stuck again. Also if your getting it really bad try quitting and loading your game up again, it’s frustrating but it may keep your town going.

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I had to constantly restart the game, also, throughout the ui would freeze up. Currently the hearthlings will work for about a minute before they all idle out.

Yeah, you might want to start a new town then.

Like I said, save it each time your about to increase the population and go back when you start encountering problems.

Though if you want to try and ride it out stop increasing your pop and when villagers die don’t replace them; things will get a bit stable, but it probably wont be 100% smooth.

I hope that helps. I’m sure this issue will get better with time.