Frozen/Overlapping UI Bug

After spending a couple of hours playing around with the new Dev build I came across something quite odd.
The game started to freeze up approaching 20 or so villagers, then the GUI started to overlap itself and began to
grind to a halt. After force-closing the game and now relaunching it it’s seemed to have courrupted my save file. Whenever I try and load my town the game stops responding every time at the exact same point on the loading screen.
When the game started to crash the first time I tried refreshing the UI with F5 to no avail. After a couple of minutes or so it started to grind slowly to a stop.
The game then crashed :confused:

Uh, your forge exploded. :worried:


im not sure if this was due to the UI bugging out also, ive reloaded an earlier save and am doing a bit more testing

i was in the middle of building a blacksmith’s workshop though so that could have something to do with it :confused:

@Freudian, is this still an issue for you? Can you replicate this on the latest build?

Hey, iv’e been tied up with a lot of Uni work lately but i’ll see if i can replicate it, it happened when I obtained a fair few citizens so ill have to make a night of it. I only managed to get to this point once so unfortunately I cant clarify that its persistent or just a single instance but i’ll have a crack at toying with it to see if i can replicate.