Large populations

So i have a town of 28 citizens, ~6 are workers, but they just stand there even with tonnes of jobs to do. Is it just me or is this common with large populations? Also will this be fixed in the future?

This is mainly due to your pc/laptop having problems with all the jobs and pathfinding. If you’re playing on 3x speed, reducing the speed to 2x might help. Furthermore, pausing for a few seconds and resuming the game will give it a chance to catch up and start all the jobs. This can be seen in the bar on the right bottom of your screen: if continuously full without any idle, some hearthlings will probably misbehave.

Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon, but considering the performance improvements already implemented, I’m sure when the game is further optimized, larger populations will become possible with less problems.

Thanks! It certainly seems to work better on lower speeds, my cpu isnt that powerful anyway , so ill guess ill stick to 1x or 2x