The Sin of Sloth

Why…why is nobody doing anything?

I have plenty of jobs. Crafting, building, but they all just…sit around. I have 20 population now but nobody is doing anything at all. They’ve collectively decided to quit their jobs. The most they’ll do is move stuff around and the potter is the only crafter who’ll actually do anything.

These lazy beggars:

I have workers who haven’t even built their starting workbenches.
Any way to fix?

Most likely a performance problem. It’s very common when you get past 20 hearthlings. The AI doesn’t find new jobs for them fast enough so they are set to idle. People usually recommend saving and loading the game as a temporary solution. It might also help to remove or pause some of the work.
If you really want to keep playing the same town then you could consider getting one or a few hearthlings killed until you find a sweet spot where the rest gets going again (who said threats doesn’t help :P) and then not accept new hearthlings to the town.
Or you could leave it for now and try running it again in a future version with more optimizations.


My personal temporary solution is to pause the game until that colorful bar showing what the CPU is processing goes mostly idle which is a light green color. It works very well for me, and takes less than a minuted most of the time. I think if there’s a lot of yellow that means its processing the hearthlings’ actions, not 100% sure on that though, so you could pause until it mostly disappears.

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Just wanted to mention that sometimes AI breaks during updates in the unstable version, if that applies to you. I’ve seen entire towns… frozen forever.

Yeah, I’m using unstable. Maybe a good time to start a new city. Bummer though, I wasn’t done with this one.