Is this normal in a game or am i doing it wrong?

I see players talk of 20+ population and of a beast called mountain, mountain never came to attack me and my population stopped at 20. Did I do something wrong or is there something I have to build or do to get more people.
Although 20 is enough for me a goblin notified me he was going to attack but that I am not ready for the battle. Right now I only have 3 knights, 2 archers and 2 healers.

I think it’s normal, just wait for the army to attack (they should do soon). If you want more than 20 people you can go to settings and change the max people limit but it makes the game run slower so not recommended if you already experience lag…


Thanks did not know there are a setting. I got lag from the enemy that was assembling which is strange as I have 16g ram and gtx 970 card.

Ok so in settings, under gameplay, there is a hearthling cap setting. It is defaulted to 20 as most PC’s start to struggle when the number of hearthlings goes above this number. But you can set it all the way up to 50 if you really want/have a beast of a PC/don’t mind watching stuttering hearthlings all day.

When A16 first went on steam unstable, you wouldn’t see any kobolds or the Mountain quest if you had your hearthling limit set any lower than about 25. I am unsure if this is still the case but maybe play around with the max hearthling settings.

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Thanks, the kobolds marched on me and the leader dying words was for mountain to keep fighting. Sometime later the kobold scout said I defeated mountain.