Population bugged? limit stops at 20?

i am experiencing a population cap at 20 people. my friends have more than 20 people and i am not even getting a daily message of food required , wealth, and satisfaction requirement. is this the limit?

There is a limit, but you can change it in the options


game options gives you the ability to increase population cap up to 50 citizens. Be aware that more villagers also means more performance requirements. Basicly it will slow down your game. But i guess 30 citizens will still be a nice amount unless your playing hard mode ofcourse. Then you most likely will not have a mayor town with 20 different buildings, 15 storage area’s and 50 chest laying around :slight_smile: In that case going past 30 should not be an issue :slight_smile:

Hard mode on 30 villagers is absolutely doable, that’s how I play it :wink:
The more Villagers you have, the more monsters you get. At least in theory that should be about even.

just saying that hard mode can have more villagers because the town it self will most likely not be very huge :slight_smile: and therefore not take a chunk out of performance :slight_smile:

by the way, nice job 30 villagers hard mode :0

@yshan Is there anyway to add a popup message when you’ve hit your set cap of hearthlings, with the added suggestion (and disclaimer :sweat:)for the population limit option? :wink: