Population Limit?

Was the population limit changed in version 12? I am no longer offered new citizens at 8:00 am anymore, my current count is 20. I could be mistaken but i was sure in version 11 I had larger towns.

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@brendan_ms, there is now a “limit” which you can control to the number of citizens, and I do believe the default is 20.

It is in the settings menu:


I adjusted mine to 30 to stress test a functioning cap level.I found around 26 they start going ADHD.
I managed to get 28 before they went brain dead.(froze stopped moving)
Incase you want to try to have a ton of those hearthlings.System spec 3.8ghz quadc 8-16GB ram.
the 3.8 dualcore drops in the low 20’s 4-8GB ram

Thanks for the info, never noticed the population limit slider before.

Just built a new gaming computer, so I think I should be able to handle a large population, but i will wait to test that until after i build my castles :wink: