Population Limit

i hope there wil be no Population Limit dont like such games i want build epic city’s only with 100 pop is not so epic :frowning:

According to @Tom’s and @Ponder’s statements, it seems as if population will likely not be capped but there might be a maximum of what one person can handle.

Personally I guess, most limiting might be the power of ones PC so there might be a point were a PC simply is unable to handle more without issues on performance as many basic tasks likely are automated like taking care of farms.

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Yer, I think a population limit is perhaps necessary? I can definitely see it being lifted in a mod, where someone adds a larger focus on city managment to the game once you get to a certain stage.

But I think if you have this unlimited amount of people then the game would become to unmanageable and impersonal -

as my esteemed colleagues have pointed out, the “cap” is likely in place for good reason… and if i recall from last night’s stream, the team wants you to have some degree of attachment to your units… this becomes less practical when you have hundreds and hundreds of them running around… :slight_smile:


@SteveAdamo … yeah, I also have understood that there will be a “cap”. Although no explicit number was mentioned, Stephanie was talking about the “Monkeysphere” (Dunbar’s Number) which discusses the maximum number of people you can stay attached to. In the different streams they where assuming a number between 50 and 100 as a starting point for further testing.


if you see kickstart movie you see big kingdome but if you only got like 100 guys then its stupid to big city to show thats mine opinion

((so hope no pop limit only by limit user PC that’s good for me ))

If there is going to be a limit, i would put a vote in for 200 units like most RTS games. I would love to see no physical cap at all. As long as you can feed the population you should be able to expand.

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physical cap at all. As long as you can feed the population you should be able to expand.

like this idea

Where abouts in the kickstarter video do you mean?

The largest I think they have displayed of a kingdom is[urlhttp://stonehearth.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/city.jpg] this [/url] (concept render) which I don’t think is inaccurate for a kingdom of even 100 units - if you think each one of those buildings could be the house of a single unit, as well as workshops etc then it doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

Have you ever played Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria or Timber and Stone? I keep coming back to these three games as to me they seem to be the closest in terms of city management and resources etc. But if you have a population of 100 in Gnomoria or Timber and Stone, then you can do a lot. And your kingdom will be very large as well.

Not having a population cap and venturing into the realm of say 1000+ units, would turn this into more of a Sim city style management game.

Whatever the cap is, it has to make sense and with the mechanics of the game, having a large amount of units, I would think would make it extremely difficult to keep tabs of and management over …

@Geoffers747 for that picture not forget to count in buildings like storage’s. You likely can build bigger buildings dedicated for crafting, but buildings dedicated to centralize some kind of resources will be more likely over time.

In Gnomoria I do the same, getting extra spaces for resources and finished products to keep ways a bit more short, at least for the producing inhabitants. In addition you see military buildings and walls… you likely will scatter them around the city over time, making it grow even more but hardly will get rid of them as they still might be of strategic value later on (like when a Giant is attacking or a raid which breached the gates)

And even a rather logical person like me wants to have something that is not a sore for the eye… and add parks or other decoration ^^


Yep, it’s pretty clear we’re talking something like a hundred units in a well developed town, probably not many hundreds and definitely not thousands. Whether is a hard cap or a soft cap due to game complexity I don’t know, but I wouldn’t pin my hopes on a ten thousand person city.

I admit I’d prefer more than 50 folks, particularly if the class tree is quite extensive; I’d like to have to be able to have multiples of vital classes and the like. So maybe 150-200 for a good sized cities with an effective farming infrastructure? That’s still within the upper limits of the ‘dunbar number’.


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I hate the idea of a hard pop cap, a soft cap should be good though as I like reaching my natural limit, and by that I mean just how much I can manage crop wise and everything else involved in making and maintaining your pop at it’s level, and if I want to have 1/2 my pop as troops for instance id like to do it without having to have a rubbish community, oh and with the dunbar number I always hate it when your first troop dies its like noooooooooooooo he fell at the first charge