Max number for villagers

Isthere a max number for villagers ? After 20 hearthlings and finished campains I have stopped to get daily updates. Is that a bug ? Alpha 3023

if you use x64 then you can go in the settings and up the limit to 50 ^^ for x86 this should also possible

Thanks Wiese2007 for your answer :slight_smile:
It works !

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be aware that 50 villagers and speed 3 are not a good combination. Also i’ve gotten up to 43 villagers (played on peacefull) so far with 16gig of ddr3 memory and although the system is not yet lagging it does take sometime for your citizens to react and are more prone to not doing there job which means refreshing the ui quite often. Also quicker saving is advised seeing errors tend to pop-up more.

Not sure how much system power it takes to get that amount when battling on hard. But i guess 30 to 35 is still a nice save amount :slight_smile:

on normal thats equal to 24 villagers ^^ sometimes i must restart the game so the villagers remember todo their jobs or found entities ^^

6core 3,5ghz 12gb ddr3 ^^

just for info this has nothing todo with the hardware :wink: i record my game meanwhile and only 3 cpus are used xD

well when i only had 8g ddr3 it sometimes used 7,5gig of memory (I5 4CORE 3.2GHZ) and the whole system just when’d screw your self :slight_smile:
After the upgrade i have only had the game it self slow a bit with large building orders. Just pointed out that even if you can go to 50 citizens, it may not be wise to do so

If you edit “stonehearth/user_settings.json” yourself (e.g. with a text editor) you can probably change “max_citizens : 50” to whatever you like.

This means you could set the limit to 30 citizens, or 40 citizens, or…

Thanks all for advice. I think 20~30 is a good mean.