Suddenly, Xenocidal Ent War

So I started a new game with the Ascended on normal in the forest. Everything’s going fine, clear out an area, start building a couple houses, got a farm going, and on day four, an Ent shows up demanding all my oak logs. This is new.

So I say no, because I need those and I’m on day four. Plus I’ve cut down pretty much all trees within pathing range without needing ladders to reach them. It’s about 126 logs.

After I say no, a swarm of small and medium sized Entlings appears, and by swarm I mean at least ten small and four medium. My two Footmen die almost instantly followed by the rest of the town. One poor sap (no pun intended) wants to join the town and dies as well. Now I have eight gravestones and a single entling running around.

Can someone tell me what happened?

They are Green Peace activists.


Didn’t have the event myself, but the system checks your inventory and if you have too many wooden logs in it, this will get triggered. I don’t know the exact conditions but try to craft those stockpiles next time.

Sounds pretty cut and dry to me: you cut down their homes and killed their young, they asked you to make reparations, you refused, and they fought back :wink:


I’ve had over 1000 logs (it just says a lot by then) and never had an ent ask for any of it back…

had them come quite often, everytime I accepted they gave me allot of gold in exchange

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To be honest, the way the request was worded I thought they were asking for supplies to aid them in a forthcoming war against goblins or necromancers or something. So I was evaluating it in terms of, “I want to be friends with the Ents, but can I afford to give up all the wood?”

If it had been more of a, “We are the Lorax; let us bury the dead or we’ll bury you,” I’d have evaluated it differently. Although I can’t say whether I’d have changed my mind since I’d still have figured, hey, day 4, can’t be too hard.

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I am sitting on the same log as @cat_imma_kittycat I have not encountered this encounter. I wonder if a mod I am running is log jamming this scenario from executing as I can have quite a bit of logs before day four. It wood be nice to know what triggers it.


You should be ash-amed for that pun.


gosh, those puns :expressionless:

though i’ve known about it’s existence for quite awhile now, i haven’t had it trigger either, and i only have debug tools installed when i play…

perhaps @linda or @yshan could shed some light onto what triggers the ent war?


Now all I need is a mod that introduces wood chucks.

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If you take a look in the GM files you can see that there is an Ent War that triggers after an inventory check for the presence of logs

Does it state the amount of logs? Because sometimes I had over 400 and it wasn’t triggered.

Last I checked it was between 800 and 1200 wood resource in the stockpile that triggers it.

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Odd as I had less than 150.

I wonder if this encounter is just associated with the temperate biome? I have been running the Anórien biome all of alpha 17 and I don’t think I have even seen an ent.

Good point.
I also never saw a single ent, just the stone golems. And I never play on temperate, only desert or modded biomes.
Oh, but I have a slow play style, I never cut down trees if I don’t need them, so I always have around 20 logs only…

It triggers about every 10 days if you have more than 800-1200 logs. You can either appease them or refuse, which will cause some entlings to attack your town.

@Joshua_Rogers Hm, it shouldn’t have triggered if you only have 126 logs. Could you possibly upload your save so I could take a look?


Sure, soon as I’m home from work. I don’t know if it’s be if any help but I’ve been recording my game play and uploading it all to YouTube; I haven’t uploaded last night’s Encounter yet though.

For sake of completeness, I’ve uploaded what should be the save from shortly before and the save from after. I don’t know if that helps any, but there you go.

As well, here’s the link to the relevant recordings: