Goblins demand Oak Logs... in Desert

Less a bug and more a content oversight, but when the Goblins come demanding shinies, they’ll ask for 50 Oak Logs in a biome where I’ve only got Acacia and Cactus.

My attempts at pacifistic cooperation on Hard Mode were crushed and, as a result, so as my town.


Hmm - @linda’s done a lot of the recent encounter stuff - she’ll likely want to see this.


Yeah, we need to change it to use generic logs instead. So any log would work. (Ex. the recipes don’t care which log you use)


The question is, should Goblins only demand stuff that you have or stuff that you can get/build too.
50 Oak Logs are a little bit much but two or up to ten logs are possible if you build a traders stall or have luck with the merchant.
Still, the question has to be answered.

i agree that quest like this should stay with in the games possibility’s. Wood in the desert is a hard thing to come by. So demanding an amount of wood that you wont be able to get would not be fair.


Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll probably make it so in the desert they ask for clay instead. Changes will be included in the next build.