Suddenly, Xenocidal Ent War


You have to add the logs of this whole forest next to the lake, that you already cut down, to your inventory. With those you should get over 800 wood logs and the event will be triggered.
My tip: Take it easy with the deforestation.


It looks like you had 846 logs (cut down logs go into your inventory) which caused it trigger and they wanted to take 129 of those logs. So they got really angry. Appeasing them will actually get you some gold and a reward item.


Aha. The (126/126) part of the dialog made me think I had 126, and they wanted them all. Good to know.


They did want the logs you had in your stockpile. This doesn’t include the 800 that were still on the ground


i have 1200 and it did get triggered


Man, that’s a hell of a necro…have you looked into @AndrealVox and his Box o’ Vox mod? All kidding aside it’s awesome to know that this event exists. Like Bruno posted so long ago I’ve never really harvested a massive amount of wood so early, or even all at once.


thanks y’all for the warning i got about 90 now