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SnorrLaxZ’s Thread | Introduction

me in a snorlax suit


Who am I?

Hello! My name is Snorri, I go by SnorrLaxZ everywhere, and I am truly connected with Snorlax himself.
(hence me in a Snorlax suit up above)

I am 18 years old (April 12th.) I’m currently living in Norway however I am from Iceland.

The past year I’ve taken a break from school due to immense stress and in the meantime I’ve explored many sides of myself. (wow how cheesy)

I am also one of the guys in the org. of ACE join the discord here.

long biography inc.
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One thing I’ve explored is streaming / content creation and I’ve built a cute little community of it.
However, due to economics and even more stress I’ve had a hard time keeping up with that.

However the other thing that I’ve recently started to explore is my interest in code, as I have previously looked at it and gotten inspired to do something similar myself.

Now, what does me discovering myself have to do with this post?

You see, I started being more with my old friends and we stumbled over Stonehearth again, after having played it ALOT previously around the year 2015. We instantly downloaded it and got so mesmerized by the fact that it had multiplayer, which I remember we were daydreaming of.

Anyways, forward to us playing it a bit, me being a competetive person I had to find some cutting edge tips to get better at the game, so I discovered this forum, I’ve never been a participant of a forum before so this was new.

At one point me and my friend started daydreaming of features again, like we did in 2015, this time it was about an improved combat system, I quickly made my first topic and was met with really nice feedback from @Banto & @Fornjotr (thanks guys :merry:)

Anyways, after getting some feedback on my topic I started brainstorming even more and I realised that maybe I should check out coding myself since it has been a previous interest of mine, but I never had the confidence to push myself out of the comfort zone to try to learn it.

So here we are.

Why this thread?

This thread is inspired by the mighty @Moai and his beautifully written log-ish type of thread. Moai Personal Thread

In this thread I somewhat want to do something similar, as in document helpful resources for both me and those around me. With ACE up and running I am sure I can gather a lot of knowledge from the deep depths of the modding community.

If you do have any nifty tips, resources or anything that may help me or anyone else getting into Stonehearth modding please do share them with us!

“Cool, but Snorr I don’t care about your life, I’m here to learn stuff”

ok fine. Let’s get started.

What subjects will we start out with?

  • JSON
  • LUA

As in:

  • The different “hub’s” and how they work. | (I.e. Manifest.json, en.json etc.)
  • The different types | (I.e. Buffs, Entity etc.)
  • Creating new Items / Equipment
  • Creating new buffs
  • Creating new classes / jobs

Links I am currently reading, or have read and recommend.


Links from @Moai’s thread:

GO-TO People:

The Log

My Suggestions.
  • Is it possible to display listeners on a screen? In a way to read statistics?

My Current Tasks.

Current Task: Looking for resources to read:
Current Task 2 : Creating a Hauler job to learn how LUA works, Inspired by the Miner prof

End Goal: Create my own “Modpack” with new elements to the game. Like Mages, Rouges, Paladins etc.


@SnorrLaxZ I will give you this, you have all the requisite curiosity. You just need to get through the basics when it comes to coding. Trust me, if you take the time to give yourself a firm foundation in Python, Lua will be simple. It’ll probably take a few months, but if you really apply yourself, you’d be amazed how far you can get. - Jay


Simple but very required piece of knowledge: .qb models have to be uncompressed (or they explode your game) and saved right hand side!

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Very true!