Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth

Alright! This is my first thread so go lightly on me.

I am a big fan of the Civilization series so i figured i can start with that.

I have played them sins the third one and i absolutely love it, but i always feel like they should go into space ever sins the 4 one where there where spaceships in the trailer and all, do you feel like me?

Then hold on bud cuss you are in for a treat!

Need to calm yourself down after all that?

Then watch this:

Comment below!!!


Looks interesting - like a modern remake of SMAC possibly (ooh, that’d be nice…), but… meh. Another “ZOMG Earth can’t sustain us” backstory. I mean, that whole bit of the pyramids at Giza… they’re sixty metres above sea level. Still, I suppose it’s better than Anno 2070 :stuck_out_tongue: .

Here is an article about it as well :slight_smile:

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Totally buying it…

I absolutely loved Civ 5! And as Newf has already said… [quote=“Newf, post:4, topic:5864, full:true”]
Totally buying it…
And that second video, I have to say was awesome. Dubai… why you do dis to me… i’m jelly now.

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Relevant stuff. Maybe you’ll recognise where they got the music from?

Also yay for another civ game. My investigations have led to believe it’s basically Civilization: The Sequel. All the civs send off spaceships towards the distant planet because Earth is turning into a mess? Sounds like pretty much every civ game I’ve played, science victory is sending them off and generally if you do that there’s some serious issues globally from all the rampant warmongering.

Notable points for people who don’t care to look into it themselves.

  • You all play on one alien planet. You get satellites though for a kind of two level map thing.
  • While there are aliens meeting intelligent life is a win condition so only humans will really matter I suspect. So aliens are just plants and animals really.
  • You can customize your start with things like what kind of ship you fly out from earth on and what it has on it in addition to which civ.
  • Cyborg rule, Terraforming into earth, Genetic Engineering into alien hybrids, First Contact, and Domination are the victory types.
  • Tech tree is more of a tech web.

wow just wow. I am so much going to buy this game. It is a must

Let’s just hope @SteveAdamo keeps his kickstarters to himself so we actually have money to spend


who needs kickstarters when you have this? :smile:

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I’ve been wishing for the series to go back onto new planets since Test of Time did it. This is awesome!

Oh, i dont live there but when i was listening to allot of Baba Yetu and i mean allot of it, i started to look around for something more then the trailer video for Civ 4 so i found this on youtube.

That’s so weird. Apparently, only Egypt and Brazil are capable of space travel? The storyline of this Civ might be even worse than CoD Ghosts… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or they just did not want to go with the stereotypical USA, Russia, China and EU thing. :wink:

I suppose, but it would make a lot more sense…

What do you mean? There was New York and Paris (maybe others, too) in that video.

Also, it’s showing that humanity as a whole is moving past Earth.

PS - I’m gonna buy the living s*** out of this game. I mean, the bottom line is to have fun while playing this game, and the backstory is not particularly important to the gameplay in this series, so I’m just looking at the meat and potatoes here; Sci-Fi + 4X = YES!


Oh, I missed that part. Didn’t see the Empire State Building…

When you think about it, for all we know all the powerhouses of today might have fallen to some war or disaster so Africa and south america might be the superpowers to come, depending on if any modern nations will exist i would expet there to be something like a EU, a Russian thing, some asian union and a african union of sorts and america might be split in north and south or one major blob of power, that or then will ale be random from the star as much of it seems to be chosen and custom built from the start.

I’ll stand down … for now… :smile:

this sounds intriguing though! any actual gameplay footage floating around on the internetz?

and how has @Geoffers747 not been all over this? :wink:


Stand by for pictures!

Behold its magnification!!!

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Maybe, just maybe, he’s tired of being powerful? Maybe?