Anno 1404 (dawn of discovery)

Hey guys, today I thought I would post about a game a find very enjoyable. Anno 1404 or Dawn of Discovery in the USA. The game is an RTS trading/island building game. As the name suggests it happens in/around the year 1404. One of the reasons I enjoy the game is that it has a slower more relaxed pace. This is good because I spend most of my time doing intense up-beat things.

Here is the Trailer -> Anno 1404 Trailer

Also the music is very very good. It is definitely in my top 3 music sound tracks
Anno 1404’s full soundtrack

I hope you guys enjoy it :slight_smile:


Cant tell you how many hours I spent on this game, love it!

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Hi @Kaz great to see another Anno 1404 fan :slight_smile:

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This game looks awesome! Just added it to my Steam wishlist. :smiley:

I’ve heard of it before, but for some reason never picked it up.

@JonathanDB definitely worth the money. Maybe we’ll play multiplayer one day

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It is actually the only game I bought during the last steam sale. Heard about it before, but now it was only 3 euro. Enjoying it so far, still first mission. :blush:

Yeah the game is a bit tricky to figure out, but once you get the hang of it its really fun.

I liked the look of this game but i have to say that i love its follow up Anno 2070. Such a great game, and so much variet and detail.

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OMG love this game, the whole series, everything.
haven’t played anno 2070 a lot though but played a lot of the other variants.

Liked anno 1404 the most because of the pretty city’s you could build :3

Ever heard of the settlers series? Had some fun variants too but less focused on bulding and more fighting. Of these i liked Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire a lot.

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I never played Anno 2070, but I hear a lot of praises for it.

I love using the postcard mode to look at the scenery.

I’ve heard of it, never tried it though.

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if you have to play something play anno 2070. It is like anno 1404 but the different factions are really different which gives a lot of replayability AND you have access to making underwater islands which is the best :smile:


I’ve got Anno 2070, but I found the lore really off-putting, and the Green leader just too sanctimonious for words :angry: .

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Paradox alert!

I probably won’t get it, simply b/c I don’t have any money which I want to use for video games.

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But the buildings are so shiny! And the shield generators! And nukes!!!

As you can tell i love playing Green, so beautiful.

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Yaa boo hiss!


Ahh, shiny! Another thing i like is that the look of the island change for every individual island based on eco-balance. Not very realistic but non the less beautiful. My islands are so green, lush and shiny! Especially with the eco’s upgraded roads.

Not to mention the subs that are amazing! And the underwater islands.

You cant let something like crappy lore stop you from enjoying the shininess of it all.


I think I detect a theme…


I fail to see your(shiny) point my good Shirhiny.

I’ll be honest… i’m not sure my post was in any way shiny… :stuck_out_tongue: But i’ll take your word for it.


Everything’s so gosh darn shiny!!! Apart from the nasty Tycoon islands 20 seconds into the game :laughing:

Okay, I’ll stop now. (SHINY!)

My biggest problem is that the AIs cheat but i suppose it would take lots of coding to get it to work properly.

That is why i only play multiplayer/coop, but rarely.