Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth

Even @Geoffers747 need to sleep a few hours a day, how ells could he continue to torment cats?

The Liverpool v Man City game requierd my attention, I also might be dead.

Needless to say, this is a definite purchase, even if I have no money, I’ll still buy it.


I have Civ 4, but it didn’t “catch” me… If 5 better? :slight_smile:

I believe the consensus is that combat is infinitely better in 5 - no more death stacks, however 4 is a more complex experience, apparently. 5 is still a fantastic game though :smiley:

Alright, I might check out 5 then when it’s on another steam sale (I’m poor)…
My dearest old friend; my desktop computer passed away this morning…
I’ve been diagnosing it all day and so far I don’t like what I see.
Might be the power supply unit… or the Motherboard… T_T


I know that was rather offtopic, but I was just explaining why 'm poor atm :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW! The trailer does look awesome

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ooo, nice… thanks! those are some really fantastic looking images… the concept art is very slick! love the little spacemen units… :smile:

Alright, so I’m back.

Firstly, please stop with the typos, guys! You are actually causing me to die. screams wretchedly

Secondly, can someone fix the title? There seems to be an extra ‘a’ in there.

Finally, @Swift_Cube, don’t worry. It’s not super apparent, it’s just something that you can kind of “tell” just from the feeling of the picture. If you look closely, I think you can see some of the landmarks of NYC, but in general, I could just tell from the feeling of the picture. That, and the street signs.

I would say that by the time civ 5 has gotten all the stuff it missed from civ 4 AND a better AI i will by the time choose civ 5 just because of the hexagons :slight_smile:

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I was going to post a thread about this, but I will buy this when it comes out.

Now, if I had to guess, the 8 “sponsors” would probably be something like this:

A New North American Corporation (as it says on the website)
A Pan-Asian Union (as it says on the website)
A Russian/Eastern Bloc type thing
A Euro thing (like the EU, but 200 years from now)
A Muslim League (Egypt, North Africa, Middle East)
A Pan-Latino League (South America and Mesoamerica)
A Pan-African Union (Sub-Saharan Africa)
As for number 8, it may be a second North American Corporation, it may be a Pacific Islander’s League (Australia, Indonesia, the Islands), it may be another European Union, or it may be a South Asian (India & Central Asia) Alliance.

Where on the website does it contain the info?

Well, if you go to, I think it mentioned those first two on there. Although, it may have been the article that I read.

It’d be nice to see an Anglosphere faction IMHO. UK/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ, plus you can throw in a bunch of Caribbean islands etc, and India too.

Four is several dozen times better with mods, try them. I’d suggest starting with either Fall from Heaven which turns in into a fantasy game with every civ being different, religions that matter, magic, heroes and meaningful events. The other one is Caveman 2 Cosmos which just extends the game in every single direction, you start in the prehistoric era without even the most basic of tools and extend into galactic domination in the end (It actually stops around really expanding around cyborgs as it’s still a work in progress).

Where’d it say there was only 8 civs to play as? I completely missed that part.

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Again, this might just have been something that I heard, but I’m pretty sure that it’s under the “features” list (or whatever it’s called) on the website for the game.

TBH, rather than a remake of Alpha Centauri, I would rather see a Civilization game about colonizing, mining and industrialising the solar system. But I guess that much of a leap is too much to be expected.

If you read the article they actualy talk about that.

Taken from the civilization website:

Seed the Adventure: Establish your cultural identity by choosing one of eight different expedition sponsors, each with its own leader and unique gameplay benefits.

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That kind of exists, one of the official (made by Firaxis) mods for civ 4 was a space based one. You colonise solar systems where you can build different buildings on each planet in it which have different resource yields and what not. There’s fan extended versions of it as well that try and improve and extend the gameplay, alternatively there is a sci-fi tactical rpg mod that also comes with civ 4 where you control a group of like 5 units and gain skills and stuff as you level them. In addition to all that there is plenty of fan made sci-fi mods, the best one is still in development sadly and they haven’t reached the ability to have you playing on different maps at the same time yet (I think earth, moon, mars, solar system, and galaxy are planned).

Basically, look at civ 4 mods. They’re all BTS stuff though so get that as well, civfanatics and the built-ins are the place to start.

You have a point: the Civ series is very conservative. I mean, look how long it took them to start using hexes :open_mouth: .