Senkrads' Animation Reel

Here some animation work I’ve been doing for the past hour. It needs a lot more fixing but the bed is call to me. Please leave thoughts/comments here if you have any!


Says the video is private :\

Edit: It’s working now!

Try now. Sheesh, am I bad at forums and youtube. If someone could tell me out to embed with Discourse it would be greatly appreciative. Couldn’t find how to do so on my own.

“video unavailable” D:

yes, we have liftoff! nice work Senkrads! he’s missing that awesome cloak though… :wink:

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Here it is, tweaked, slowed, and now hooded!

I already see some fixes I want to make.



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This one is for you.

I don’t like the left wing, and how the feet are static for 80% of it. Need more work but my job needs me.


I think when he hefts the staff up I’d have him step outward a little bit with it, might help fix that. Nice anim though, and I love the spinny staff, have been looking forward to seeing it in motion since you posted the model for it.

Make this your job? I mean you don’t need to pay for much right?

I absolutely love it. Stay golden Ponyboy.

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If Tom wants to pay me the same as my minimum wage part-time job I would gladly do anything from grunt work to animation for him. That would make everyday the most awesome for me.


I will pay you? I can’t promise it’s in money, but love’s pretty good these days?

How much will you pay me for this?

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4 facebook gold, an addy chestplate, and 3 biscuits of your choosing.

Almost enough to do this full time for. I’ll have more tomorrow.

Yer you might have to get a part-time job for a few hours at the weekend, but for the most part I got you covered!

You crazy for this one.

I did this earlier this morning. Forgot about the shoulders.

Any one know what I should do next? Or maybe what needs some correcting that I maybe over looked.


Looks pretty awesome to me! Have a go at some more classes maybe? Or move on to something else?

while at work I was thinking about and I think I know what’s next

“We’re back in hardware mode." - Tony Stark


What did you use for animation.