Moose's Modeling Menagerie

I am Moose. I intend to make many models and later animate them. This is the first thing I have made. It is a moose. And then also several other moose.

Is the female too thin? The male too fat? Is the coloration good? IS THE SHAPE OKAY?! I would like critic, if you would be so kind as to provide. I will continue to update as changes are made, or more models produced.

Many thanks to voxel pirate’s tutorials. They are excellent.

So much spinning. Oh dear. I’m making a deer next.

Not spinning:

Not sure if the respective depths are a problem. My partner leads me to believe it is not. The hooves are hard to clove right while adjusting depth freely, or any even number would do.

He big, wreck car, stomp bones good.

Many thanks, will come to post again.
Ah, already see a mistake. Leetle baby moose did not get mirrored. Will edit in a minute. Edit:edited.


Well done… I instantly recognized the moose, so good first try. I like especially the horns and the tails. As you ask for comments, let me share my first thoughts:

  • Maybe you could add some more (brown) colors to set some highlights and break the “monotony”?
  • As you plan to animate your moose I would suggest to keep your legs a bit simpler. They are looking nice with this slight “bending” (especially the back lags), but once you start animating you might prefer straight forms as you can model the bending into animations.
  • The eyes are looking a bit strange to me, maybe just 1 color does work?

Looking forward for more of your work… especially some animations!

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They look nice for a first try. Although the female reads donkey to me, I dunno why. I think it is the nose.

Along the lines of what @Miturion said, I think the noses are a little too big/squared off. Lookin’ great though. Love the horns, they look fantastic. Might wanna look into revising the eye as well but def the nose.

thank you :slight_smile:
Will start working on that now.

welcome aboard @Moose! :smile:

it would probably be simplest to say that i agree with @voxel_pirate’s feedback… with the first suggestion of additional hues of brown being applied to add a bit more “depth” to the models…

but again, excellent first efforts! :+1:

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Is better?


Looks great. I like that added color and the nose looks much better. Looking forward to seeing it animated. Keep it up Mr. Moose.

From my point of view… much better :wink:. Nice work.

Moose cow still looks like mule. Working on that.
Whitetail Doe:


I am beginning to resent all the spinning.


theese whitetail Does are just making thoughts of Mer Burlyhands riding them around the world of stonehearth

oh i really like the new models… the buck could maybe use a one voxel thicker set of legs? but overall, these models look excellent! :+1:

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Looks fantastic! And as @SteveAdamo said, The legs could use one more voxel. I was also thinking of making the buck a slight bit larger than the doe? Bucks are generally larger than doe so you may want to consider.

This is so much better than what I could do… :thumbsup:

Buck a bit bigger, thicker legs. Will make more stuff after this next week.

Should I get rid of the things I’ve improved on and replace with improvements? On the one hand, would make the thread more concise, but on the other, it might make the comments disorienting?


yeah, i would just supplement the thread as the models progress… excellent work, by the way! :smile:

great improvement. It does read deer to me now. :thumbsup:

Looks great, Moose. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup: