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Ok, I’ve posted my squirrel before in other threads, but it’s time to show a new version with a much improved (I think) run animation, in a small scene I made in the style of Stonehearth (largely based on the images from the kickstarter page). First a still:

Download Link (high quality)

Then a video (up to 1080p available):

Download Link (with skybox, runs in VLC)

And here is a still of that whole woodland scene:

Download Link (high quality)

Additionally, I am making that scene available for anyone to use for posing or such, in a .obj format, available here.

Further, I am working on some tilesets which would allow for a great variety of different, larger, scenes to be made quickly and easily. Once those are done I will post those up too, if people would be interested. Initially these tiles will be of a similar woodland style as that one above, but I’m also beginning work on a couple of other biomes, specifically alpine and desert, with plans for more. I will also be making the Qubicle .qmo assets available once I’ve completed the first main tileset (hopefully by the end of the weekend, or before).

Let me know if anyone has any trouble with the links or with using the .obj scene. Hope people like my squirrel :slight_smile: (I am working on something else too now, I’m not just about squirrels)


awesome, fantastic work sir! this looks like a real blocky squirrel hopping over the grass, perfect! also thanks for sharing your tiles, can’t wait to play with them.
i would love to get my hands dirty with animation as well, but no idea how to start… i know it’s a lot to ask but will you have the time to do something like a tutorial for animation, because i think a lot of peoples like me would love to see how to get a proper workflow from QC models to animation! cheers & keep up the great work!


Hi @Pepe, you might want to look at Twitch

@Tom showed there how he follows his process for animating something.
As he mentioned several times, the way he is using is not the only way so @Decho might have a whole other way.


@Sheenariel - actually I don’t, I basically learned going mostly from that video :slight_smile: (also a reference book for 3ds Max).

@Pepe - I do thoroughly recommend working throught the stream and going from there, but feel free to ask any questions you might have, I’ve learned a lot of extra stuff from doing this squirrel project. (mainly that squirrel tails are hard to animate :P)


@Decho I guess the same issues as with the trunk of the mammoth ^^
It just does not look good with one or to few pieces and you need to be extra careful with keyframes and several pieces.

I know the issues with this kind of things, even though I never made my own figures but used pregenerated ones:
Animation 1: first animation by Sheena-Tiger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Animation 2: animtion 2 by Sheena-Tiger -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
The Logo is from the software used to convert the videos into a postable format with still decent quality ^^
Never did animations after those rather simple 2… took so much rendertime for just a few seconds…


@Sheenariel @Decho ah i see… i totally have to watch Tom’s stream again, i just did notice that i only did see the last 1 1/2 hours of it as it was live streamed and there the little mammoth was already hopping around! :slight_smile: >_< looks like a perfect video to start from scratch, thanks! :slight_smile:

@Sheenariel pretty nice hand animation btw!


@Pepe thanks… not sure how I made it anymore… might have been in Poser I guess as the texture for the figure might not have worked correctly in the other Program I use.


@Decho wow! not only have you created (and animated) a fantastic model, you built an entire set for others to use when showcasing their creations?

you sir, have earned 5 internet points this day… use them wisely… :wink:


Haha! so cute that it looks to us and waves nicely :smile:


Other than that, the animation looks superb! well done :smile:


Looks very nice, there seems to be a little pause when he’s going to land though. Amazing work on the landscape, really cool you give possibilities to the community to create their own stills and animations in actual landscape.


@Sheenariel - Yeah pretty much too few pieces ends badly, the tail on that squirrel is in six sections all told to get round it. Nice hand animations too!

@Gridian - I just couldn’t resist making it wave, was a bit of an afterthought so the tail doesn’t wiggle quite correctly but it had to be done.

@ernierock - I know what you mean about the little pause, it’s as a result of the exagerated hop I made the squirrel do, but without that it didn’t really look right either :confused: I might be able to come up with a better solution at some point, but won’t be working on it for a while.

Am just about to head into Qubicle and start messing with the landscape tiles now :slight_smile: