Qubicle.. models.. things :)

Inspired by the Qubicle competition, and by the peedback from @Paranundrox and @Geoffers747 on my wombat model, i decided to open my own Qubicle thread, starting with an attempt to change the wombat model into a koala:

There is a slight difference between the colors of those two models, but even though the second one is closer to real koala, i like the first more :confused: i do plan to make other variants of this model, but i don’t think that just to change the colors is enough… so… yea… ideas?
One problem that i am aware of is that the body form might cause problems when i’ll try to animate it, but i think that its cuter this way then a simple rectangular form and i might be wrong, so decided to leave it like this (it doesn’t matter right now anyway, i have only the free version of Qubicle).

I have a plan in mind for an aniamals-nature-atmosphere mod, but it’s not what this thread is about. I will use this thread to post my qubicle creations ,not just those who related to the mod, in order to get feedback. i don’t plan to create new models very often, but when i do make them, i would like to hear opinions :smiley:


boom! we have koala! :smile:

i dont think i have much in the way of criticism, other than seeing some sort of “joint” on the front leg, perhaps?

but that definitely reads koala to me! :+1:

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The koala looks amazing, I was never this amazed except when I heard mirrors edge 2 was coming out


hmm… i could try it, sound like a good idea. unfortunately i’m to tired to do it right now :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks :smile: this response is amazing :blush:

Okey i’m going to sleep, good night ZZZ

I really like your :koala: , it’s pretty cute. Good job! :smile_cat:
On another hand I can’t wait to post my winter clothes, but I’ll wait till the 2nd week contest (in case it is chosen as a theme). At this rate I’ll have to open my own Qubicle thread, too. Only changing the colors, the possibilities are endless.


Well done!

I like them both, do keep making animals and other creations, you never know, some one might be learning from you!

Stay safe with your creations!

Next creation, Koala zombie! cute and deadly…or maybe not.

-Wizard Max-

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thanks everyone! i will try to find time to make other models, i have a few ideas already… :turtle:

That KOALA is fantastic, so good :slight_smile:

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it’s not a dog… it’s a koala!!! :smiley:

oh, awkward :wink: I’ll edit my post to pretend I said it was a koala

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can you tell me what made you think that it’s a dog? i can use some criticism

MWAHAHAHAHAAA soon all of the world shall love puppies more than koalas

NOOOOOOOOOO :((( damn you cute puppies!

On the bright side, they can be used for diversions!

-Wizard Max-