Randomqazplm's Random Creations (Fan-made Soundtrack and Qubicle Models)

Hey everyone. I’m new to the forum but I’ve been making some Qubicle creations and fanmade soundtrack files for a while now, so I thought I’d post some for you to see.



Qubicle Models:

Baby Elephant

Baby Dragon


Baby Mammoth

Red Bird


Blue Bird


i really like the stuff you made o: keep up the good work :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: Glad you like it, and will do :smiley:

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wow, quite the compilation @randomqazplm! i havent had a chance to listen to all the tracks, but i like what you’ve put together… :smiley:

any chance we can we get a closer look at some of those models?

oh, and welcome aboard! :smile:

Thanks a lot :smiley: And yeah sure, any particular ones? Shall I just post pictures instead of gifs or what? The gifs aren’t loading properly half the time when I go on this page so possibly the files are too big? I’m not really sure what I’m doing to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a couple :stuck_out_tongue:



Good work on the music! :smiley:

Thanks @EpicDwarf :slight_smile: I’ll probably post some more soon :slight_smile:

Looking at the legs, I feel that you could make them “fit” into the body a bit more. An easy way to see what I mean would be to look at @Tom’s Baby Mammoth model, compared to yours.

Yeah, to be honest I probably won’t bother improving the ones I’ve done just because the animals are already in the game so I’m not using them in a mod, it was just for experience with the software :stuck_out_tongue: @Paranundrox

Salutations! Good Wizard

I would love to use some of your music when I have a chance!

Good show very good show!

-Wizard Max-

@Maximus Thank you very much Wizard Max, and I stand by what I said in your thread, your models are really really awesome and I very much admire your work and I wish I could be that good honestly. I think I’m improving though, getting more used to Qubicle etc. :slight_smile: If you ever wanted to team up on some kind of mod project or anything send me a message :slight_smile: I’ve been busy the last couple of days but I will be posting some more stuff very soon, I just need to think of what to actually make next!

Anyway thanks again,
-Hobbit James-

Here’s my latest composition. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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What program do you use to compose your music?


I use Sibelius 7, which is pretty good, the midi sound sets aren’t the best, I plan on buying a better one soon, but it’s pretty good software if you read music :slight_smile:


Well, do you know any free music software?


If I’m honest, I don’t know any good software that’s free :frowning: I wish I did, but all good music software is always expensive sadly. I mean there may be some I don’t know about, but yeah. If you have a mac, garage band sometimes comes with them or is cheap anyway and that’s pretty good, but it’s in no way the best :stuck_out_tongue: you can also get some very good iPod/Phone/Pad apps which let you export the files and put them on your computer which are free or cheap. But again, none of these are that good. Sorry I couldn’t really help :frowning:

I am not into sound at all, but Mr. Google says that you might try this ones out…


Hey guys, very long time no speak! I’ve composed a couple of new tracks which I put on the first post. Also in the voxel world, I’ve been doing random stuff not related to stonehearth lately such as making mods for Cube World converting everything into space themed stuff

and also making a couple of the yogscast members in it although I have temporarily stopped work on that, partly due to starting university etc so being a bit busy, but also Cube World hasn’t had even a small update for a long time, so I got bored of playing it as it’s pretty limited at the moment. I feel like they released it too early with not enough features.

I also made another Sips model for no reason, in roughly the style of his minecraft skin but more detailed. It’s not right for stonehearth, I just got bored :stuck_out_tongue: