Sheepasaurusrex's Qubicle Shenanigans

Finally bought Qubicle! I’m going to throw some stuff in here if I ever actually make anything.

“Sheep’s Attention Span” Ep. 1 - This strange walking banana was once planned to be a bird. Oops.
I’d love to render this thing for you, If I knew how :weary:


@sheepasaurusrex why am I so excited about this post?

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@TurtleSquish Because you have some good tastes friend :wink::point_right::point_right:

ok for render: do you mean the correct export as qb or imagerender?

Imagerender I think, i figured out exporting it as .qb

its best to show it to you ^^ i have send you my steamname xD

Here’s a pigeon! I’m still not sure how to export it as an image, but @Wiese2007 I just send you a friend request on steam, sorry about that wait.

The T-pose is decidedly less creepy for birds than it is for people, I believe.

(Please feel free to critique. Be harsh even. I’m an art major, I promise I can handle it)