Reaper's Glitch In the system

Hi guys, As you can see I’ve been having a go at Qubicle (and now know that I’m 96.4% useless at it)
so here’s what I made:

Nah just kidding, here’s the real work:

Ideas on how to improve him are very welcome as I think the blob looks better so far :unamused: as he should look like this:


That’s brilliant! He really screams “robot” to me, and your second creation is half-bad either :wink:

But in all seriousness, I think you captured his image really well. I think you should tweak the coloring and positioning of the blue-ish grey metal on his chest to make it a bit more silvery, and try to make it show how those lines point inward towards his chest, if I’m making any sense?


I think he looks good. One suggestion would be to go through the livestreams and listen for the rationale behind the shaping of the heads (I’m pretty sure Tom goes off on a tangent about the q*bert effect at some point). The back of the robots’s head is very squarish so using Tom’s motto of “fix the worst thing first”, that’s where I’d start. I think it looks pretty great though (and loads better than what I’ve been able to do so far)

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wow, out of the gate with that as your first model? it looks fantastic! i love that you were drawing on some inspiration, and were able to match it so well on your first attempt…

we’re expecting good things from you from now on @Reaperwright88:smile:

as for the q*bert effect… yes, that is a pet peeve of @Tom’s, but in this case, i dont think its too overdone… that would be the first area to tweak, if i were to criticize though…

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wow I honestly though it was a bit pants (been looking at @Pepe stuff for waaaaayyyy too long)
soooo without further adue here is v1.01 of glitch:
As he is your worker unit I’m now moving onto the military unit, this guy:
@Paranundrox I tried making the blue edging move into his chest but it ended up looking too q*bert
@Riggy head look any better?
and finally @SteveAdamo gulp I’ll try to live up to expectations :blush:


I like the color change for the part I was talking about earlier, it looks a lot more metallic.

The only thing you could really add to it @Reaperwright88 is maybe a built in metal hammer or screw-driver for one of the hands. Other than that though you really are a Good Artist, the Vowels and Colors are Fantastically placed!!!
P.S. Keep It Coming!!!

Really nice work! :smiley:

I don’t know the character but if I should do a bit of nitpicking solely based on that reference image:

  1. The blue part that @Paranundrox was talking about. Maybe instead of making it more narrow at the front you could make it a little wider over the shoulders. It would also make him a little more beefy I think.

  2. The upper part of the “backpack” could be wider. Not the very top (1 or 2 rows) but below that there could be 2 or 3 rows that are wider. Not sure if I’m making myself clear, but if you look at the reference image the side of the backpack isn’t vertical.

  3. Your “headphones” stick up over the yellow. I think the size of the headphones are good so it should be the yellow that come up. Also the “hat” seems a bit flat. Maybe it could be more rounded, unless that makes the head too big.

  4. The yellow could go a step further down on the middle of the sides of the feet, to make it more clear that he doesn’t have thick, solid, grey soles on his feet.

This is all very maybe. Something you can have a second look at and see how you feel about.

Looking forward to see more from you. :smiley:


Flippin’ hell I thought nobody else had played this game. I remember enjoying the heck out of this game. You sir win all my likes.

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I accidentally dropped this on my blob:
and now he loks like this:

@Agon Thanks for the ideas, you were right about the helmet, but at the time I didn’t know how to make the matrix bigger :blush: I’ve tried to re-work his chest and his shoes look much better now so here’s Glitch 1.02:

and now introducing the warrior of your robotic junkcity…the grunt:

@Crobo it was one of the most epic games ever, especially on the level with the huge drill when you can hack the flying gun thing and shoot the hell outa everything…ahhh good memories :smiley:

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Fantastic. The yellow droid looks MUCH better with the tweaking you’ve done to his chest.

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Good job! Glad I could help. :smiley:

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The little details are awesome! It’s cool to see something completely unique from other creations, not that I don’t love the other creations but sometimes it’s nice to see something different :blush:

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i love the tread effect you pulled together for the feet… :+1:

and overall, he looks rather imposing… my only critique, if you can add something to break up all the red… whether thats slightly different hues or some entirely different colors, im not sure…

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I agree. Looking at the reference image, he looks a little rusty and beaten up. Could you try to communicate a little of that with some darker patches of red/brownish-red? Or would that just make him look too cluttered? Just a thought, though I can see why it might not work.

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@twip Thank you :smiley:

Ok guys Next on my agenda will be crunk, and each of the Mr pockets robots. But now I’m gunna brain dump on my Mod idea, so here goes…

so far I’ve planned that you will have:

  • Glitch as your base worker
  • Grunt as your standard troop
  • Crunk will be your mechanic who will be like the carpenter
  • Big Mr pockets robot will be similar to a blacksmith (and the little one will be for another use).

I am planning on making almost all the different stonehearth classes but in their mechanical form and use.


Instead of trees there will be pylons (not sure what shape yet but I’m open to suggestions)
Instead of stone there will be scrap heaps that will give you Nuts and Bolts
Instead of Iron there will be a basic computer chips
and will change all other announced materials into their robotic counterparts


Planning the grunt to use his gun as a standard base troop, with the right chips and bolts to make more boomtastic weaponry
Also there will be the Titan (not a stonehearth one but one from metal arms) who will be very killy and blowey-uppy-of-stuff

Well that’s the basis of my Mod Idea, also I’m working on the Grunt as his colourings a bit pants, can’t add rust patches just looks too much like robot camo (which might not be a bad idea…) and I’m alsway welcome to ideas :smiley:


Wow, thats ambitious. Add this to the list of conversion mods I have to try. At this rate, I’ll have Roman Robots running around in a Norse setting…


@Reaperwright88 may I ask what will you do for the Geomancer??? Will it be some kind of Huge Dump-truck Robot that moves Every thing manually???

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I’m planning on using the trooper bot as it can fly in a way and make it look like it uses tech to move all that land (like halflife 2’s gravity gun) admittedly I’ll have to wait to see how the geomancer works to be able to modify it for my means ( and learn how to implement flying)

right it’s Voting time guys and gals Here I have the grunt in his shaded red attire and his camo attire, I’m opening votes until Tuesday on which one people prefer and that shall be the choice: