Scholar Mod - Revived! (Semi-transparent features fixed)


Glass is good for enhancing construction / decoration features, but I don’t know if it would be good for enhancing defence features. It could be used as a sub-material for crafting armors, weapons, turrets, obelisks and etc…

Hmm… Or I could add a material called ‘mana clay’, a base material for obelisks and more magical items.


Very nice! We are experimenting with transparency ourselves and running into that same issue where the voxels are not visible (where the transparent voxels touch with the opaque voxels). You should be able to get rid of that just by making the transparent voxels their own Matrix - then they should be rendered separately.

BUT - how on earth did you get the transparent voxels to have a value of alpha? In my trials, we have no alpha channel (only R,G,B) - and Chris tells me we can’t have a set transparency until we find a way around this.


Knowledge shared by Relyss

I personally asked a way to do this to Relyss. I just followed the procedure, and voila!


I tried this mod, but while it is active i can’t give my hearthlings the fighter job, i can make the swords and everything, click promote, but they never promote.


Yes, I do this for my entities. It’s fun because you could even make something like:

(sorry, I couldn’t find a better example)


Fighter job? You mean footman? I have touched nothing about the fighting classes, but I’ll check out later on.


Thanks for the help all! I was using water.material.json - and this material is expecting a value of alpha coming from the voxels (R,G,B, A). Unfortunately Qubicle does not (from what I can tell) export an alpha channel. We may create a fix for this (no alpha) ourselves, but not any time soon : /.


Hey, everyone. I finally thought up an idea that would replace the plastic bars to something more lore-friendly.

Rune Clay! Yes, the Scholar will make the Rune Clay with Clay + Something Else(A. Marble, B. Ginseng Powder). Then the Potter will make Talismans for enhancing weapons & armors & siege weapons.

Also, As I make the rune clay and other contents, I’m considering to make either another mod for adding stronger enemies or add that to the current mod. I’ll work on my mod as soon as possible.

PS: Minor Updates. Obelisks are now considered as separate siege weapons, so you need instead at least level 3 scholar to place the obelisks.


I love the glass,It’s good.

And I also find a problem.

here is need to plus “,”

wish you will be better


Oops! Sorry for the late bug fix. I was busy planning the summer vacation with my family. I’ll try to get back on track as soon as possible.


Enjoy your holiday.:+1:

I look forward to :heart_eyes:


Alpha Update!

Plastic is replaced with Rune Clay. Plastic Turret is now Rune Clay Turret, which has slow effect.
Other Plastic Material Creations have been removed.
Animations of the turrets have been fixed.
Strength Obelisk is added, but not working yet.

(By the way, does anyone know how to add a buff aura to a placed item?)


little advise again:

smodname must be identical to foldername in the smod :wink: so must be removed ^^


I have checked and changed the name for the recent version.
Meanwhile, older version will require changing name before adding to the mods folder.

Anyway, thanks for the alert!


Ok, here’s some good news and bad news…

The good news is the rune plates are ready to be added. The rune plate is and equipment type which is sorted as ‘accessory’. Right now, the stat’s very low, but when a new mod that adds higher tiers is made, the options will be expanded.

The bad news is… the recipe merging seems to be the problem in latest A18. Recipes that uses Scholar mod items do not work well. If anyone gives me some infos about the changes made about modding, I will be able to fix the problems rightaway.


@fantasyworm, have you read this document yet? :

I’m not sure that it affects recipes, but there are definitely some changes that need to be applied to the entities json files.


Yes, I didn’t look at the doc. but I found the change and fixed the Scholar Mod. Not fully tested, but should work.

I’m planning to fully test the mod this weekend, and officially declare the beta version. After that, I will make an independent mod that adds enemies and tier - up contents.


After promoting my herbalist to a scholar, his workshop (anvil icon near character name) never shows up after clicking it. Don’t know what to do.


Same here.
I think it’s a problem with his fix for A18.


Sorry for the late feedback. I’ll fix it as soon as possible, but if something doesn’t come up before tomorrow, I’ll probably in Japan Traveling. Again, sorry for the inconvenience… (sob)