Scholar Mod - Revived! (Semi-transparent features fixed)


So THAT was the problem! thanks for all the help! I’ll fix it rightaway!


This is my current work progress now…

I have solved a lot of text and ui issues (I think… I really couldn’t test them well since…), but I can’t find out why the job promotion is not working!

I will be really glad if someone help me or even give me some tips…


It’s your encyclopedia recipe, you’re creating just the object:

  "produces": [
         "item": "scholar_mod:scholar:encyclopedia"

You need to produce the talisman so that you can use it to promote. (scholar_mod:scholar:talisman)
I never noticed when I was testing your mod because I always used the debug tool to drop it into the world, never actually crafted it.


It Works!!! Thank You a lot!

Although… Yeah I need to fix the clothing again…
But that doesn’t seem to be so hard. (I think…)

I’ll make alpha release version as soon as possible



Now I got my plan list ready, I will expand my mod in a jiffy!


hey, ive been looking at the scholar mod recently alot i just wanted to ask permission to pick it apart to get a little further with my mod im making. it’s easier for me to look at something someone has done for a specific thing then build my own using it as a sort of template. but if not thats ok. Im just having frustrations location and cutting out all the specific files for a job in the stonehearth.smod to start the process.


Um… yeah sure why not. I mean… unless you’re copying it right off, I wouldn’t mind at all. I mean I’ve been looking through the Bastioneer mod all day to make this.


This mod seems like its well thought through, but what i dont imidiatly seem to grasp, is what the scholarclass does?
Maybe you would update the description to be a bit more precise?
Keep up the good work.


I didn’t write specific functions of the mod because right now It has few functions and I need to think more about it.

I’ll extend the discription once it is considered to be actually worth playing.


I have started to work on the obelisk, which gives buffs to hearthlings around. But I’m a bit stuck on making the gizmo give aura buffs to nearby hearthlings because I have found some examples that gives debuffs to attacking enemies, but not to the allies around. The cleric has the healing aura, but the script seems quite different from applying buffs to a not-leveling up entities.

“type”: “entity”,
“components”: {
“stonehearth:equipment_piece”: {
“slot”: “mainhand”,
“render_type”: “none”
“entity_data”: {
“injected_buffs”: [

I’m trying to add the buff to the weapon. (I used this coding on the main .json but it wouldn’t work. The weapon does not work also.)
If anyone knows how to fix it, I would be glad for some help.

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep adding simple stuffs(those that already exist in Stonehearth) and update before the end of the month.


The Healing Obelisk has been tested! Now it works marvelously!


Now Updated to Alpha!

New turrets,
New crop,
New buff tonics!


Hi~It’s a good MOD。

but when I translated this mod .
I found a few error.


  "unit_info": {
     "display_name": "i18n(scholar_mod:entities.armor.carbonearth_mail.display_name)",
     "description": "i18n(scholar_mod:entities.armor.carbonearth_mail.description)",
     "icon": "file(carbonearth_mail.png)"

change to

  "unit_info": {
     "display_name": "i18n(scholar_mod:entities.armor.carbonearth_mail.carbonearth_mail.display_name)",
     "description": "i18n(scholar_mod:entities.armor.carbonearth_mail.carbonearth_mail.description)",
     "icon": "file(carbonearth_mail.png)"

“heartite_shield_iconic.json” is also need to change.

If it didn’ change ,the locale can’t work.


Thanks for the bug report! I’ll check it as soon as possible.


Sorry for the update being late. I was busy doing some bug-fixing.

  1. Some text bugs fixed
  2. The Healing Obelisk actually didn’t work, so it was fixed to work properly.

But there’s also the good news!
Glass, which is made with sand by the Scholar and some semi-translucent items will be updated at Alpha!


The Semi-Transparent Entities have been added!

A Lot of Thanks to Relyss!


I find the plastic not to Stonehearth fits. Stoneheart plays in my opinion not in the plastic age.


Well, to be frank, not only plastic, but also carbon fabric also does not fit into the original Stonehearth concept since even in steampunk standard, you really don’t see materials like plastic or carbon fabrics.

The reason I added these two material is to increase the usage of both weaver(carbon fabric) and potter(plastic). Most of the plastic/carbon fabric based entities will be crafted by these two jobs.

Then again, I did think that plastic might not be a proper material even for enhancing potter. If you have any concept that’s good for both enhancing potter and fitting in Stonehearth.


depending on what the plastic is used for, i think glass would be a much better fit for stonehearth… but again, depends what the plastic is being used for


to be honest: now that there are semi-transparent voxels i think this will be added as glass xD