Scaffolding House

Hey, here is my first Building which is a little bit more “Special” than a common House.
It’s simple but looking quite well, i think. I’ll add more Houses with different scaffolding styles…
I would be glad if i get tips and feedback from you. :smile:


even if you can’t upload pictures yet (I’m not a new user and I don’t even know how to upload pictures anyway), you can upload them to (or take screenshots with to begin with), and then simply paste the url at the bottom. from my experience, that loads the picture in immediately, and if it doesn’t, then it’ll still load the link which leads to the picture. just upload it to a picture file-sharing site and paste the URL here

ok, so apparently to “upload a picture” you need to be a basic member. well here you go, here’s how to become a basic member so you can upload the picture What do user trust levels do? - faq - Discourse Meta

oh wait, just looked at you’re profile, you’re already a basic member. you can upload pictures already.

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Thanks, i’m glad that you wanted to help me. I’m fine, i can upload now :wink:

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a beautiful little place, i’d love to see an entire town built like this! keep up the good work.

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Very inspiring … Keep posting please …

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New Stuff for my village~ (7A)7
There are my stairs to the mason and blacksmith (day and night)

My Village which is 2 houses strong with new scaffolding and a place for dinner (day and night)

Maybe you’ll like my new ideas. :blush:


I like the small back garden with flowers :slight_smile:

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Me aswell. It’s such an easy way to make the house more lively. :relieved:


Interesting designs!

I hadn’t seen before this kind of buildings on the forum. At least I’ve never noticed fences on the stairs :sweat_smile:

They look pretty good. Keep it up!

Build ACTUAL stairs up the cliff side.
Why did I never even think of that? It’s just been ladders or carving switchbacks into the side of the ground.