[Res] Eternal Battle + Hungry Squirrels

The First bug is that a goblin was minding its own business when a bunch of error messages show up and then the goblin stops moving all together, not even any idle animations. Then one of my footmen goes to attack it, which is perfectly reasonable as it is a threat, but the goblin cannot be harmed, it seems to be immortal. My footman hasn’t eaten or slept in 9 days as she is still in the eternal battle with the immortal goblin.

The next bug is that a hunger icon appeared above a squirrel, which is nice as I didn’t know the game tracked that kind of data :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be this issue here :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of the first bug you mentioned as well (by the way, it might be a good idea to split up your bugs into individual reports; easier to discuss and track, that way), but I don’t remember where.

Thanks, and I put them together because the discourse right now is just bug report after bug report.

I understand, but that’s just the nature of (a forum about) a game in development/alpha. If I may quote @SteveAdamo,

(Specifically in response to the question of whether it would be too spammy to split them up.)


The not eating or sleeping is is a result of the same bug that causes footmen not to attack and is now fixed. Being immortal and frozen may or may not be related. It’ll be hard to tell until the next patch comes out.

@Phagocytosis correctly diagnosed this one which is now fixed.

Thanks to all the great bug reports, the game is becoming stable quickly. (Well, as long as you’re not trying to deliberately break it…)


Where’s the fun in that :wink: ?


I found the immortal frozen goblin bug as well. No error messages though, as far as I’m aware.


I saved at this point and loaded again later to find that everyone (goblin, citizens, pet raccoon) had been buried up to their necks again.

gfx.log (27.6 KB) stonehearth.log (8.8 KB)
Save game

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A raid of 5 goblins attacked my village. I had only 2 soldiers so I ordered the whole village to fight. A goblin was killed but the others killed everyone in sight, except my trapper who arrived 30s after the massacre. The 4 goblins had frozen in the village, the trapper was attempting to kill them with his knife but his hits weren’t successful.

This was already reported here. Thanks for the confirmation though!


I just had that happen to me. I reloaded and yes, the gobbos were half-sunken through the ground, but it killed them, and my soldier could take out the last remaining goblin that didn’t bug-out. Just an FYI to free up your soldier again. :smile:

@Phagocytosis - Thanks for the log file. The loading bug should be fixed. Let us know if you see any more frozen / immortal units.


build 144 frozen goblins

there were a little over 20 goblins at the time of the petrification, and i had about 16 villagers.
the goblins started to freeze at about 13 villagers when the raids had about 12 goblins per wave.
saving and loading would restore them most of the time, although it may take a couple try’s.
it only occurred to the footmen goblins, the thief’s have yet to be effected by the bug.

no crashes accompanied this bug.

Build 144.

Having the eternal battle frozen goblin issue. Within the first few waves I end up with frozen goblin.