Red exclamation point?

What does the red exclamation point mean? I have it over a building that I built. I’ve checked it over and it looks as it completely finished. All pieces are complete and all furniture in place.

i believe the red exclamation point means the building is stuck due to not having enough resources, but if your building is finished and it’s still being displayed, that sounds like it might be a bug…

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@ChicagoPhil can you post a screenshot of the building? Try to include the open building editor window, with the inventory (materials required) window.


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I’ll have to try to recreate it, the exclamation point did go away after a while. So perhaps something was missing. shrug

If it’s what I think you mean you can recreate it by letting one of your crafter make something you don’t have resources for.

I’ve recreated it. The required inventory doesn’t show.

Its a modified vanilla sleeping quarters with changed walls and some more beds and windows.

how much inventory do you have in total?

If you mean the amount of props that are placed in the building are the following:

7 Simple Wooden Window frames
2 Wooden Wall Lanterns
1 Wooden Door
8 Mean Beds

If you mean in the town:

And always had room for it.

That’s odd.
Can you provide a link to the building template?

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Further info:

@Maik Thanks. I built the template with no issues – and no ! …
So not sure exactly what’s going on. I’ve asked someone else to take a look as well.

@Maik this appears to be a save-specific issue (not a template issue).
Any chance you still have a save where this is happening?

I’ve started the game a few hours alter, and loaded the saved file.

The ! marks are gone. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I have the ! marks too but my people don’t remove the building ladders and stuff and idk why?

Does the building say it’s finished with all items placed?

Hello guys,

I’m having the exclamation point in my latest gameplay too. It happens in several buildings, and even though all the materials needed are in the inventory, the exclamation point is still there. The hearthlings don’t construct it.

I tried the insta-build on one building, and although it got done, all the ladders remain there. What makes look kind of awful.

I still have the save @brad in case you want to check this up… Please let me know.

Since this is a necro-ed post, I don’t think Brad works there anymore. Do the hearthlings in fact have access to all the items? Even if they’re in your inventory, they’re not necessarily accessible (e.g., an item was dropped/stored somewhere where there’s no longer a ladder, or it’s in a chest that’s behind or on top of another chest, etc.).

You could try using my StorageAlert mod (Paul the Great's modding vertex) which is not user-friendly or super functional but would let you know about items that the AI is trying to access but is unable to. It could at least let you rule out that the items are inaccessible by not seeing them listed there.

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