Exclamation point for nothing

Hello. r866
Perhaps there was a task to cut down trees.

hotkey_save.zip (4.6 MB)

Anything there when you press the build button? Or anything around it? That usually comes up in the middle of builds to say something’s missing. Maybe you didn’t press new build before making something across the map so it looks random cause it’s between 2 buildings?

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Oh, did not think about it. This is my project of the Great Wall of China :smiley:
Perhaps this is a case for improving the behavior of such structures.

There you go, you’re missing something and those two builds are now one. I’d save as a template and bulldoze it, then place it back and remove the lower right hand wall.


They were planned as one building :slight_smile: The building is stopped and waiting for blocks. Nothing should prevent or be inaccessible.