Experiemental build; ib command problem

I finished a building with the ib command. (they kept demanding wood and I pretty much got tired of harvesting cactuses in the desert)
That new “building’s NOT ready” exclamation mark stays there and villagers keep trying to build it, building scaffolds and stuff (that needs more wood again).
I closed the game and started it up again to see if it would clear up. That red exclamation mark disappeared, but villagers still keep building scaffolds.

Version: 0.17.0 (develop 3000) x64 build
I have few mods that add decorations and building structures (stone windows and stuff).
Also have the cafe mod. (though Rayya’s children don’t do much with it)

Edit: I managed to erase scaffolds and they don’t build them again. This is still a minor bug.

@yshan seems that several things with the commands and debug tools are slightly broken due to building fixes / improvements, like this bug here or this other one:

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