I have a request about the command

Hi,I’m a Taiwaness.
My English ability isn’t good.
So forgive me.

This suggest was proposed by the some of Chinese players and @law

Could we remove “ib” command out of console ?

Many teenage always use the command,when their hearthing stop building.
But they didn’t want to find the problem where is.
Just say :It’s BUG! Idiot hearthing!

And they beginning use “ib” ,not to build any more.

We hope the way to remove “ib” or all console.
For let the players go on building zeal.

Please tell us what we can do, or how do we modify Chinese Translation mod to let players prohibit visiting the console.

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I’m strongly against this, as myself, and a lot of other more artistic builders here, have times when our buildings won’t build because the AI doesn’t know how to path find it correctly. This is especially the case when you build into a mountain.

In these cases, “ib” needs to be there, or our buildings never get built.

Another instance is when you need things built for a specific reason that the game couldn’t do.Here’s a picture of where I was trying to make a “goblin habitat”, but wouldn’t have had the time to build it by hand before they became hostile and the habitat was ruined.

I’m sure others can come up with their own reasons, but regardless, it’s useful.

I hope this translates well because of the language difference. Anyway we love stonehearth, even if there’s a lot of bugs and problems. Hopefully the developers will fix the game so we don’t have to us “ib” anymore!

But until then, I’m sure people only use it for emergencies or as a last resort! Don’t worry.

There are people who’d love the game, as well as who want to play the game, and people who just want to see the feature of the game, I think, we as Stonehearth fans, will not give up building easily and resort to the console commands, but new comers, when encountering such difficulties in building feature, are likely to turn to the easier way, because after all, the game is immature right now, most of them heard about the bugs even before they really know the game.

Although great efforts have been made to improve the game and we all see that, but newcomers judge the game first without knowing the efforts behind, if buildings are so easily built by the console, soon they’ll find it no excitement for the accomplishment of every structure. And with the net worth improving so quickly, before long, food cannot catch up with the population and battle units are not able to deal with enemies, then they’ll hate Stonehearth, hence shorten the life of Stonehearth in some way. If they are kept from using console commands, they may be scared away be the bugs, but many of them say that they’d prefer to wait until the time when every feature works right. At least they are still potential fans, or potential customers of the game if we see it as goods.

All that been said, I suggest that console commands being limited, I know that commands have their own benefits, so we may just make it available in peace mode, or add a tick box before the game starts to choose whether allowing cheats or not.
Or moving commands such as “ib” to the debugtool.

Personal views after seeing many cases resembling what @ChenBray said. XD

As mentioned beforehand, ib is useful to build more complex structures and it’s also useful for getting around bugs (such as the pause/resume bug that makes Heartlings not resume paused structures), and I’m sure devs use it to actually do their jobs, and I’m quite sure it’s easier to keep ib in the live game than to make a separate build to remove it from the console.

Also, removing the command won’t suddenly make them care why the building isn’t being constructed, they will just get as frustrated, and in the end they will just quit playing the game, instead of typing up the command and continuing to play.

More importantly, though, how does preventing them cheating via ib affect you in any way? I’m genuinely curious.

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