[Solved] Red exclamation point on building. Bug or my problem?

I’m having an issue with a custom building in one of my savegames. The construction always stops at the same place. The items all seem to be available.

I’n not sure what’s wrong here, so I wanted to share the problem here. You can watch the build sequence here.

Also you will notice that I have enabled the Storage Alert mod, that was suggested to me by @paulthegreat in this other post. I’m really not sure if the output displayed there suggest a problem or not though…

I hope this video is useful. If anyone needs the savegame, I can also share that, just ask me.

Thanks a lot guys!

So, a red block means the hearthlings can’t reach it. What you do, is manually place a ladder to reach to that block.

Though, with this there is also another issue that may happen, which I have been having a lot.
What happens is that the game wants a block to be placed somewhere that is covered up by scaffolding. So, being unable to build any ladders there, you can’t reach it.

What I do to work around it (Note, this is not a bug fix, it’s a work around), is that I place a ladder elsewhere that has the height to reach the block, and then teleport it where I want this.

This can be done by using the debug tools and then shift-clicking (I believe) on the ladder and choosing teleport. Then you select a position on the ground (indicated by a red flag) to teleport the ladder.

This way, you can clip the ladder into the scaffolding and suddenly the hearthlings can reach it. It’s like magic.

Though, if you can directly place a ladder against that block… I’d do that tbh, placing a ladder normally first is easier, so I’d try that first if possible

That is a bunch of items that the restock director is having trouble restocking though (shown in my mod): ideally nothing would be showing up there because it would all be getting restocked properly. When I get a chance (not anytime in the immediate future) I’ll probably revisit that mod and make it more useful.

Thanks a lot @TheDarthDuncan, I will try your tricks and see if I can come with a workaround for my problem.

In my building, there is a red square that is shown on 2 of the sides. They seem to be symmetrically placed, so I wasn’t sure if that was that block with a problem, or just something in the same lines of the “exclamation point” marking the building as “with trouble”.
I tried the construction of the building several times, and it seems to me that the hearthling AI for construction could bugged somehow, as they always stop in the same place.

Thanks also @paulthegreat, your input is interesting. My town grew a lot, and I had a “logistic nightmare”. I don’t like the stock areas to remain for long in my towns, so I tend to use custom buildings as storehouses with chest. But the town grew so big that as time passed by I ended up with thousand of items just laying around. I think this could’ve been a problem for the “haul logic”. Before recording that video though, and with your mod on, I did place several big stock areas in the town, and left the hearthlings alone at speed 2 for about 2 hours… hehehe. I ended up with everything properly placed on the stockpiles. And only then I tried the building again. But it stopped at the same point.

I will let you know guys if I found a workaround… Thanks a lot again :wink:

I found the problem. In the lines of what you suggested @TheDarthDuncan , there was a weird block unreachable in the scaffolding. I made a video explaining the problem and fix, to help anyone else having the same issue. Proper credits to you and also to @paulthegreat in the video (several times :wink: )

Thanks to you both guys, a lot!

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