Recommend a Microphone for our Livestreams

Some people hear a high-pitched noise in the background during our livestreams, and suggest that this may be fixed by buying a better mic. Recommendations?

  • Should be reasonably priced
  • Should be attached to a headset

Tom will try to buy the highest-rated mic you recommend before our next livestream.

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My suggestion would be a headset, the “Beyerdynamic MMX 300”. Good quality and highly customizable. Unfortunately not the cheapest out in the market.

Sorry, do not have experience with a stand-alone mic :disappointed:.

If you want a headset microphone, you should get a Sennheiser PC 330

If you want a desktop microphone, you should get a Blue Microphones Snowball or Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

we tossed a few ideas out over on this reminder thread… lots of options!

are you looking for something exclusive to the PC, or something that can cross platforms?

edit: easier to just merge these two… :smile:

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I thought his current headset was absolutely fine. It was only the phone call on last night’s stream that came through a little rough but it was still easy to make out.

good reminder! :smile:

given his propensity for tournament PC gaming, something from either Turtle Beach or Razer would certainly fit the bill… all depends on his budget i suppose… :wink:

I use a Logitech USB Headset H390. Its cheap, comfortable, and plug and play. Never had any issues during raid nights, DnD nights, or FPSs.

Apparently Sennheiser is the way to go for both quality and comfort, but I don’t know from experience. And the two that @SteveAdamo mentioned would certainly be for lower budgets, because they both have many below-100-dollar-headsets to choose from. But they do have some rather pricey things too. I’ve heard that the PX21 from Turtle Beach is one of the best for the price, and I think it’s less than $100.

well, the turtle beach is $250 retail, with the razer around $200 retail… not too low-budget in my book… then again, im cheap (or so my wife accuses me)…

for what it’s worth, here’s a fairly recent article from PM Mag…

Those are for the most expensive headsets. Most of them are well below $150, and if you want a high-end one, you are free to pay above $200.

If you want something a little more expensive, I believe the Astro A40 is one of the best.

Also, is it worth spending an extra 70 bucks for surround sound on the DPX21 instead of the PX21?

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im not sure its worth the $70 in this case, but having surround sound is indeed worthwhile, in general… :wink:

I’m thinking that, since it’s already compatible with consoles too, I’ll just wait a little longer until the consoles release and pick up the updated version of the DPX21. I’ve heard the the PX21 series is good in general, so that’s what I’m aiming for right now. But I’m always open to suggestions and otherwise. I’m also considering the Razer Kraken Pro, and a few others.

I’ve now pretty much finalized my decision on the PX22 from Turtle Beach, but I was just wondering, and this is directed to all the audiophiles out there - will it work on my Win8 laptop?

PX21’s work great for me

On windows 8? I really just need to know beforehand, because their return policy doesn’t include “system incompatibility.”

Idk im sure you can google if they work together

Just to be very sure that @Tom will do it… bump :wink:.

given that this will address my own selfish ends, “bump access” granted… :smile:


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I am not able to attend. … le sigh…

I’m sure someone will remind him! :wink:

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