Can anyone suggest a good Microphone for Youtube?

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently had a huge urge to get back into YouTube, creating a huge lets play every alpha where we build cities, towns, and as we progress people can suggest stuff and it could be built in future episodes, I’ve wanted to do this for so long but I’ve had a terrible experience with my last mic, and its why I stopped about 5/6 months ago.

So after wasting £50 on my last headset, I’m looking for a microphone, I know a few people around the discourse have / are doing YouTube, Its why I’m asking here (I trust members opinions here) So If you have a suggestion on a mic, I’d love to hear it!

I’m currently looking at a Snowball iCE Microphone, Does anyone have this mic or know if its good?

Thanks in advance!

After my last headset died on me, as every other headset did before, I’ve switched to the microphone I had for Guitar Hero on Wii. It’s a normal USB microphone with amazing quality for what it’s worth (no/very little noise, clear pickup as far as I can tell). After tinkering a bit, I’ve came up with a stand made out of an old desk lamp, so I don’t have to hold it all the time.

So point being, you might already have something at home that suffices for the time being/until you need real pro stuff.

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Thanks for your reply, My current mic (Only one I have) hasn’t seemed to work correctly since I got it, But maybe I could try to make a work around with it. Thank you, I’ll try to attempt messing around with the settings again :wink:

I have a ‘blue yeti microphone’. Very easy to setup, sound quality is great. It’s a bit more pricy than other mics, but It’s realy great.

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I own this, and can attest that it is a good mic, but not in the way you are looking for a mic. I use it when teleconferencing via Skype and have a large room full of people clearly heard over the video. Can’t confirm that it would work well for single person up close though…

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Thank you, Glad someone else here has an experience with it, It can’t do any worse than my current mic, But i’ll see if I can find a slightly more dedicated one for youtube. Thanks again, That’s helpful :smile:

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A smartphone can be a powerful microphone. :smiley:

Put a potato on a stick, stab the stick into your table. Next, pretend the potato is a microphone as you play games. Then upload them to YouTube. Some may say there is no audio, but you will always know there really is.


I’ve used a blue Snowball for a good while and up close the quality is brilliant, use audacity to get rid of any background noise such as a computer fan hum and the quality is top notch and they are a decent price

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Thank you and thanks for all the help everyone! I’m going to get the Snowball iCE Microphone, You guys have helped sell me on it. I didn’t want to make a mistake twice and glad I asked here, you guys are amazing thanks again.

If that goes badly, I can always do potato commentary!