Need some voice?

Freelance voice actor looking for some work to build a portfolio. If you have a mod you’re making and want some voice work done, let me know! I’ve got a studio quality microphone and several hours of experience reading copy, both for university classes and a radio drama done by my university. If you want a sample, pass me some copy and I’d be happy to do some reads for you!


I would love to know what sort of mic setup you use!

I know its not really a job offering, and I do apologize for that, but I love audio dramas and wouldn’t mind finding my way into one.

I use a Blue Yeti mic. It’s a desktop USB mic, but really EXCELLENT quality. I used it for some of my soursework in uni, and it sounded better than some of the studio mics we had available. As far as soundproofing, I have some particle-board with those egg-crate mattress top things stapled to it.