Rare Items that Raise Mind Body and Spirit stats

there should be an item that drops from the toughest monsters that will raise a stat permanently on 1 Hearthling who uses it


Normally bosses should drop their weapons which improve one hearthlings but i dont know whats with the New enemies… Will Check it xD

That would be awesome! They could make caverns with enchanted gems inside that give your hearthlings special abilities xD Great idea :slight_smile:


This idea has also been mentioned to some extent in these older threads:

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One issue that came up is keeping everything balanced, since the system only works on a (quite narrow) range of six–if you’re talking about body, faith, etc… A rare item might be a better way to go about it than a dedicated class or structure/workshop. However, I think this is something that needs to go to the Titans when they start getting added, or to an insanely-rare merchant that pretty much threatens to collapse your entire economy by buying just one of the things.


that reminds me of this good ol’ discussion,


But if we would have such items we’d want to assign them to a specific hearthling…
We would have to have some micromanaging for that. :disappointed_relieved: