Hearthling Equipment Selection & Creation

This post contains both questions and suggestions, I hope it’s in the appropriate category.

Based on observation it seems hearthlings equip the best gear available. Will we eventually be able to select the gear they equip?

At present, a footman grabs the best armor and weapon available in the stockpile. Perhaps in the future, gear will have more stats & bonuses than ATK & DEF; say spear of goblin slaying does additional damage to goblins, or mace of moonlight does additional damage to undead, or sword of fortune improves the quality of loot dropped, and so on (special armor(s) that might have less DEF but increase SPD). These special items would presumably have a lower ATK or sacrifice something else.

For workers it might be items that provide higher chance of getting ore(s) from mountains, there could be items with speed buffs, improved sight, gathering bonuses, etc. the list is infinite.

In addition, these very special/unique items would require multiple classes to create, carpenter for shaft, weaver for handle, mason for base, blacksmith for blade, etc. mind you I’m spit-balling here.

Also if some degree of gear manipulation/selection is eventually introduced would you (the wonderful developers, not so subtle tushy-kissing :kissing_closed_eyes: ) consider adding additional slots like helm, boots, and gloves?

Again I must apologize if this topic has already been discussed and/or decided upon. I’m very new (yesterday new) and while I’ve perused the forums I may have missed posts pertaining to a number of my queries.