Weapon options and details

I would like to see an options implanted that you can switch between auto weapon and armour select and manual. Just a small button in the hearthling menu to to give him a weapon of your choice if you would want to. In general they would just take the item that is best like they do now but if you would really want a specific hearthling to carry that specific weapon or armour you could select that.

In the hearthing info there is already i part where every item they wear so it could just be in that same menu where you could do that.

And the second thing i would like to see for weapons is that you can see the speed of the weapon. Since right now the only thing you see is the raw damage and that is sometimes very misleading.
I created a weapon that was a little bit better then the 2 handed sword but it looks like it is twice as strong since it is a real slow weapon with lots of damage a hit.
So it says 28 damage for 2h sword and 50 dagame for gravis sword while the dps of the 2h sword is ±130 and the gravis sword ± 158. Which is ofc stronger but not by far so much stronger as it looks like in the recipe.


I do agree to some points here, mainly the stats, because many of the stats are actually altered by the job’s abilities, for the footman, they have a roughly 50~60% increased damage compared to the actual weapon due to the ability modifier, problem is that such stats are not visible to the player, they have little means of actually finding out how the behavior and damage output chages, but the stats are actually altered more than it seems, which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person

For the gear selection, i personally do see the implementations, but i do not hope it comes out this way, the common argument is for the footman giving up his/her shield when they pick up a two handed weapon, and players often rather have them keep the shield

When i see this problem, i find it to be a flaw in the job, not the controls, i’m a believer that ‘Footman’ should be a medium armored, medium shielded, and medium damageing, simply put, faster and squshier than the knight, a well balanced class that is a good starting point of defence, and it should be spreaded to Two classes, the Knight and the Warrior (i do not think the archer should be a advancement from a footman, instead, a stand-alone line) compared to the footman, a Knight is more tanky and slow, but about the same damage; the Warrior will be faster and more damaging, but less shielded since they now use two handed weapons

What this solves is that it gives the player no nees to set specific orders for gear, since all classes will have a general ‘Better’ gear set, a Warrior can always use a better two handed weapon, a Knight could always use some better heavy armor, the most the player will need to order would be a variant of the equipment, such as - Enchanted or not, hammer/axe/sword, all they’ll do is seek the best of the category, though, enchanting armor if we ever will, will bring some more challenges

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