Some opinions/ideas that came up after some endgame runs

One thing I noticed about the hearthling’s stats (mind,spirit,body) is that they seem to affect the gameplay too little.
I always try to get 6 mind crafters, max body/spirit fighters, so i experimented the opposite statline in a new run.
The changes were barely noticeable which feels like a waste of potential gameplay experience. Those stats should play a bigger role I feel.
I’d suggest nerfing the courage boost on military units so that footmans with 1 or 2 spirit(courage) would fight cowardly (ie. bigger foe? Run away live another day!).
Another suggestion is to have (small) stat requirement on jobs, for instance knight could be at least 3 body since he wears plate armor.
Moar suggestions: have the blacksmith use both the spirit and mind stats. Mind would make him crafter fine armor more often while spirit would make him do likewise for weaponry. (“fine” things could be just better decoration :stuck_out_tongue:)
And … another one, (non stat related, probably nightmarish to implement) since archers can change arrow type why not allow weapon change for footman, theres the two handed sword but maybe he could change to a spear (longer meele range :stuck_out_tongue: idk) or shield+mace (more durability) or … (knight and cleric would probably like to have the same features then :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hm thanks for making this wonderful game :slight_smile: and twitch streaming and desktop tuesdays are really awsome! Good 2017 for you guys!