[r375] Roof placement over ladder holes + scaffolding issue

Summary: This is a bug that may be specific to the building that I designed. Basically, I created a second floor, raised walls, then cut a 3x3 hole in that floor for future ladder access. I dropped a roof on the second floor, then another on the first floor. Lastly, I changed the orientation of the first floor roof.

Furthermore, there was remnant scaffolding that was not torn down. I don’t have much info on that, but I’ll post a picture below. It should be reproducible by the same steps, and I think it’s related to the roof bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a building - mine was built on a roughly 12x24 base, and the second storey was 12x10, from one edge.
  2. Place walls
  3. On second floor, cut out a 3x3 hole, 1 block from the inner wall (see pics)
  4. Place roof perpendicular to the building on top floor
  5. Place roof on bottom floor, change orientation so that it’s parallel to the building.
  6. Build!

Expected results: Roofs cover all exposed areas, ladder hole is left patent. All scaffolding is removed.

Actual results:
The roof extends from the first floor’s open area into the second floor’s hole.

Open ladder hole

Closed ladder hole

Scaffolding - outside view

Scaffolding - inside view

Version: r375

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If you cut a hole in the upper floor, then build a roof at the same level, it will always put a roof over the hole. It doesn’t care if you’ve already put a wall up around that floor or if you have a higher roof. It’s putting that roof in at that level. So you can reproduce this bug without changing orientation of building.

You can work around it by raising walls, then building your roof for that level and then putting a hole in the floor.

Note: You’ll need to raise the walls before you put the roof on, because the roof overlaps the floor by 1 tile and the wall raising tool can’t handle that if it is second. The macro for creating a roof doesn’t seem to be designed to handle working with floors or other obstructions at the same level. It actually clips right through the wall and floor at the design stage.


Good to know! I hadn’t previously seen this happen, but maybe it had to do with my building designs… I’ll see if I can load old saves, if I haven’t already erased them