Bug on Free Standing Walls below 2nd floor's floor

Hi guys! I was originally going to just post a bug on one feature, and ended up running into a couple more, so it serves for all three. Though I only really searched for the first.

Build: Alpha 14 2820
Race: Raaya’s Children
Biome: Desert
House: Clay 2-story.
1st floor: a square and a free-standing wall
2nd floor: covers the square up to the free-standing wall.

  • I build a free standing wall as “support” for an open area in my constructions. Most bug reports I’ve seen on this mention to be roof related. But placing a free standing wall below a second floor’s floor will cause it to not get built.

  • While trying to reproduce this bug with a minimal construction I noticed that if you build a closed area your workers may not build it. This might not be a bug, more like an inconvenience. But I needed to excavate around the building and then “trap” one of my workers inside carrying wood for him to be able to build the walls. I don’t have a screenshot for this one, but I do have one of the wooden scaffolding left behind

  • After construction my workers left some bricks on the roof. They might’ve just been mad at me, though :stuck_out_tongue: I hadn’t properly fed them.

Anyway, here’s a link to a save game during construction and another right afterwards.

Let me know if there’s any problem with it or something I’m missing. Thanks!

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Do ladders help at all?

Hey there @kanneblei, welcome to the Discourse! I have bumped up your TL so you should be good to post more than one picture now.

As for the building that has issues, can you upload the template to the thread I have linked below (instructions are linked)? Thanks!

Don’t think I’ve really tried, but it’s not like they don’t have access to the structure. They can reach out, just choose not to build it. I’m wondering what would happen if I placed a floor underneath it, actually :slight_smile:

Also, in the original design where i found the problem, it didn’t make sense to place a stair next to it. Though, again, it was perfectly reachable.

Considering RC’s scaffolding is different from ascension’s (inside vs outside) it might not be a bug there. I could test it later.

[quote=“jomaxro, post:3, topic:19626”]
Hey there @kanneblei, welcome to the Discourse! I have bumped up your TL so you should be good to post more than one picture now.[/quote]

Thanks! As soon as I get home I’ll update the info here.

I’ll take the template and place it there, then. Even a more minimalist one, if I have the time. I’ll also up the original building in which I identified the issue, then!

Hope this helps!

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I’ve had columns before that wouldn’t build unless I manually built a ladder up them, so your wall might be the same?

Ok, fair enough, I’ll try it later as well! Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

I wonder if the troubles with free standing walls have the same cause as the troubles with the ones built block by block.

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So I added a couple of ladders, including the one I originally planned for and stood a while looking at them. But they didn’t seem any more keen on finishing up the construction, so I eventually gave up on it

For the record, this was the original building which I got the issue on.

And now I’m off to add the test template to the other thread.