[Con] [1665] Cannot build second story

Title: Cannot build entire second story buildings anymore

Summary: Previously to Alpha 5, I was able to create 2 story houses. Now, I cannot!
I can create the first story, then add a floor onto the second story. But when I go to add walls, they build the first layer of the walls, then stop. (I think it has to due with not having 2 blocks on the opposing side to use a scaffolding)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create first floor with no roof
  2. Add a floor without walls TinyGrab | Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.
  3. Add walls, TinyGrab | Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.

Expected Results: A fully functional second floor, that acts the same as the first floor.

Actual Results: Second floors stop building processes during the building of the walls

Notes: None

Attachments: Result, TinyGrab | Simple. Screenshot. Sharing. TinyGrab | Simple. Screenshot. Sharing.

Versions and Mods: Devolve 1665

System Information: Windows 7, i7-3770k, 32gb memory, Hd Radeon 7970 3gb video card

I thought you had to plaster the entire outside with ladders to get multi-storey buildings to work anyway?


Did you? I created one working second story house before, without ladders.
Let me give the ladders idea a go! :slight_smile:

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Without ladders? That’s new :open_mouth:
How was the scaffolding then? Could they build it because of some circumstances? There’s another way, with manual stairs made out of floors.

Anyway, this are all not official ways of building second stories, so if you confirm that with ladders you can build it, I’ll re-tag and close this topic.

I tried to build a second story building, but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen…

How do?

First, make a building with no roof. Simple enough :slight_smile: .

When it’s done, start a new building on top of it, putting the corners of the floor on top of the walls of the ground floor. Then…

  1. Use the floor removal tool to remove the outer edge of the floor, so that when you use the wall tool the walls just continue up from the original outside walls.

  2. Add doodads.

  3. Add a roof.

  4. Go back to the floor removal tool and in one corner remove a ~3x3 area (so you can add ladders inside the building from bottom floor to top).

  5. Order it built.

  6. Surround your lower storey with ladders. Expand them up the side of the second storey as it’s built. Remove once the second storey is complete.

awesome, thanks Teleros!

I’ll be trying this in a little while :slight_smile:

Another issue with some multi-story buildings is constructing next to a cliff wall. This sometimes causes the adjacent wall to remain incomplete, as the scaffolding “area” is obscured and confuses the workers. I haven’t tested this recently, so maybe this has been resolved since then?